How to differentiate between external communication made on zendesk platform whether its external or internal

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  • Greg Katechis
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi Hisham! I'm trying to do some digging into the specifics of what the External type actually covers, since I can't seem to find a clear definition anywhere. From what I can glean so far, it appears specific to triggers making a request through an HTTP or URL target to an external source. I'm mostly looking to clarify if it does cover any other types of events, but what I can say for certain is that it is not the differentiating factor for whether a ticket is being sent internally or externally via email. The "body" that you're saying there is actually the payload that would be sent to the underlying target.

    Once I have more clarity about everything that "External" covers, I'll drop another line in here. If you could give me a bit more information about the core of what you're looking to accomplish, I'll see if I can point you in another direction.

  • Hisham Conber

    Thanks for the fast response,

    so basically i want to identify which events ( ideally email communication ) is sent to an external source and which are sent to internal ( within the company ).



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