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  • Feedback: Pathfinder

    Hello,You let Pathfinder die and don't plan on making adjustments to make it work with V2.This is one of the worst decisions you made so far. This is an invaluable app, providing support to better ...

  • Job title for Zendesk editor?

    Hello everyone,I was wondering what job title do you wear? I work officially in the support though I'm somewhat a department on my own. I change and setup things in zendesk, handle and create conta...

  • Allow to test contact forms in the preview

    Hello,We customize our contact form heavily and it's not possible to preview the contact form without having all of our users taking part in our test phase. So new form fields show up and we are no...

  • Contact form new success popup

    Hello,It seems Zendesk changed the success message for a successfully sent support request. Now there is no success header at the dashboard page it reroutes after sending, now a small grey popup ap...

  • Please add stats for seconds, not only minutes

    Hello,I try to figure out some data about solving time of tickets and departments. For that I found that a lot of stats say 0 Minutes because there is no smaller timeframe.Please add seconds so tha...

  • Explore Chart showing avoided tickets

    Hello,Is it possible to create a query that shows the amount of tickets and the amount of visits in the helpdesk and the contact form?We know that the helpdesk took away a lot of tickets before the...

  • Disabling dashboard tickets

    Hello,Can I disable the tickets shown in the dashboard? It's not good that every agent can see all tickets just because they aren't attached yet to a group the agent is in.Best regards,Sebastian

  • Support Processes into Zendesk

    Hello,Guess this isn't something new so I would like to ask how other companies implemented a database with the support processes into zendesk. We have the processes in a google sheet right now, wh...

  • Amount of public views limited?


    Hello, I want to setup a couple of views for the agents I work with. However it seems there is a limit in the amount of public views that can be shown. Views vanish when adding more. They aren't in...

  • Show correct ticket count

    Hello, we currently have a lot of new tickets so that we are meeting the above thousand. However now tickets only are counted as x,y thousand which is pretty demotivating to see nothing moves when ...