Reshma Patel

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Reshma Patel의 최근 활동 최근 활동 투표 수
  • Add More CSAT Satisfaction Reasons

    Currently we are limited to 5 reasons.  Please add the option to add additional reasons so that we can better understand what our customers are experiencing. 

  • Agent Permissions

    We currently provide support to internal staff. As such, users wear two hats (1) Being an end user and submitting tickets they need help on (2) Based on the issue that comes into our tier 1 desk, t...

  • Zendesk Assumption Property

    Currently, when account assumption is requested as part of investigating tickets, Zendesk only allows for 1 day or 7 day increments -however at times Zendesk's workload keeps agents from responding...

  • Macros - Ability to create macros for multiple groups

    Currently only admins are able to create and publish macros for multiple groups. We have a Team lead role that allows team leads to create macros for their teams.  This allows them to maintain the ...

  • Ticket Description Field

    Currently one of the biggest limitations we have in insights is being unable to report on the ticket description field.  Are there plans on being able to report on the ticket description field as w...

  • Add Zendesk Talk specific Admin Access


    I need the ability to give team leads or managers access to the Zendesk talk dashboard and be able to update the status of their agents -- sign them off if they forget to leave for the day.  They s...