Craig Willis

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  • [Gather] How to show author avatar on Community List Screens

    We wanted to be able to show the authors avatar next to the post in the Community List screens, as shown below: To do this complete the following steps:- 1. Create a new CSS Style for these logos....

  • VIP App - Agent Notifications for Important Customers

    We are currently using this simple app to highlight to agents our Platinum Support customers:- https://www.zendesk.com/apps/support/vip-user/?source=app_directory However, it only supports a single...

  • Searching Tickets


    When searching tickets, is the content of attached files also searched? We use the code block to add code to a case that we need to be executed by our Tech Ops Team.   This works well as we can the...

  • Breakout Room Shutting Down

    Anyone else disappointed with the news that Breakout Room is shutting down? We loved having the ability for our customers to record their screen directly from the Submit a Request form. Anyone ...

  • Single Knowledge Base multiple Case Submission Forms

    We have two distinct sets of customers, our external customers, and our internal customers.  I would like for them to be able to share the same Knowledge Base, but for them to have separate Case Fo...

  • Zendesk Voice Call Flow


    We would like to have a backup team of agents who should only be routed calls if the core team is unavailable. At present, with members of both teams available, Zendesk Voice will route to any of t...