Stine Christensen

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Stine Christensen의 최근 활동 최근 활동 투표 수
  • CC field does not add mail address automatically

    when inserting mail in cc field and it does not exist, it will show a Add user-button. When clicking that, it does not fetch the email you just inserted. This is done correctly on the Requester fie...

  • Alert when business rules changed

    At this time, there's no native way of identifying if a setting has been changed and not working. Ie. which of your business rules or workflows are not working properly. Now you need to enter every...

  • Report : total ticket per group per reassignment


    Hi   I need help creating a report that will fetch me First Line Fix rate %.   Ex: Group 1 (Support) receives ticket and solve it themselves. Meaning ticket was not reassigned Ex: Group 1 (Support)...