Brandon Tidd

Certified Zendesk Administrator and Solutions Architect for 729 Solutions. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. Lover of life, and cats.

Community Moderator
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  • Zendesk Explore - Filtering on Multi-Brand

    If you have Multi-Brand setup on your instance, one thing you'll want to watch for is when you are creating a report that filters on a subset of your brand.  The issue is when it comes to "Selectin...

  • Grouping & Sorting Views: Ascending Vs Descending

    When you're grouping or sorting items in a view, you are provided the option to group or sort in Ascending or Descending order.  When working with some datasets, the answer is intuitive, but less s...

  • Explore Recipe: Live Answer Rate in Zendesk Talk

    One metric that is frequently used in support centers is "Live Answer Rate" - IE - the number of calls answered live vs calls going to voicemail. In practice, we've discovered that this number is...

  • Scheduled Delivery of Explore Dashboards

    When scheduling delivery of Zendesk Explore dashboards, we can select daily, but I would love to see an enhancement that allows for delivery on weekdays only.  Our support center is 12x5, so every ...

  • Ascending Vs. Descending

    One thing I run into a lot is the difference between "Ascending" vs "Descending."Sometimes it makes sense (A>Z), but other times the choice is a little less obvious. I would love to see any tips, t...

  • Jump To Page In View

    When scrolling through pages of tickets, would love to have the option to "jump to" a particular page instead of scrolling through 10 pages at a time.  This would be helpful with views that have a ...

  • Selecting Outbound Call Number on Multibrand

    Hi Zendesk, Our contact center works with multiple brands that each have their own toll free phone number.  The system handles inbound call routing just fine.  Our issue comes when we have to call ...

  • Talk Incognito / Invisible Mode

    Hi Zendesk, We have a use case wherein a team wants to be available to take calls for a department, but only when forwarded internally (not part of the original routing).  We can kind of get around...

  • Greetings: Apply To All Numbers

    Hello -  In preparation for the holiday weekend, we are updating our voicemail greeting across 50+ numbers.  Would love to be able to override all voicemail greetings with one toggle opposed to sel...

  • Updating The From Field In Ticket CC's

    Hello -  We have discovered an issue wherein a CC'd end-user replies to a ticket, the user's name is displayed in mail clients as "First Last (BRAND)," giving the appearance that the end-user is ac...