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    Matthew Gravelyn님이 에 댓글을 입력함

    Thank you, this helps on the one chart. Unfortunately this means I have to change this option of the dozens of charts where I'm already using this variable, which is a bummer.  Also, I just noticed...

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    Matthew Gravelyn님이 에 게시물을 만듦

    Date Format & Sorting Not Working

    I'm trying to create a new attribute for weeks starting on Monday, and then format that into a simple date string, but it's showing up with "T00:00:00" after it and I cannot figure out why. Here is...

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    Matthew Gravelyn님이 에 게시물을 만듦

    New Date Attribute Not Ordering As Date

    I have created a new attribute for my tickets that groups them together by the date of the Monday of the week they were created. This displays like a date, but doesn't order like a date. The date r...