Theodore Wolf

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Theodore Wolf의 최근 활동 최근 활동 투표 수
  • Exporting Forms - Sandbox Testing

    Hey team! Thought I'd make a quick suggestion (hopefully this is the right spot) for improving forms workflow. Right now we make all edits on our contact us form in our live environment. It would b...

  • Query Audit Logs

    Hey team, I would love to see audit logs on queries! Our team has a group of people who contribute to a bi weekly reporting dashboard. Sometime we have to adjust quires, and this can get quite hect...

  • Keeping the Team up to date

    Hey Everyone! I wanted to start a general discussion around things other teams do to keep each other up to date. A challenge our team faces is keeping each other up to date around emerging and simi...

  • Allow Zendesk to restrict file upload types

    Hey Team, We'd love the ability to select or specify what types of files we allow end users to upload. There are some security concerns around what users upload on the form. And furthermore the att...