Ayal Kellman

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Ayal Kellman의 최근 활동 최근 활동 투표 수
  • Looking for Explore Recipe

    Is there a Zendesk Explore recipe that can help compare satisfaction scores by achieved/breached SLA? In other words, are the CSAT scores different for tickets that achieved vs breached their SLA (...

  • SDK Conditional Fields

    Hi, If we have a Zendesk form with conditional fields, is it possible to access the conditional logic for our SDK version via API or some other way or do the conditions have to be built manually on...

  • FRT Reporting (Explore)


    Hi Friends,  I'm seeking a good metric for tracking First Reply Time (FRT) that factors for our business hours.  I know that SLAs factor for business hours and its how they are normally used, howev...

  • Date Filters - OR logic


    Hi there,   Looking for the ability to use OR logic with date filters on a dashboard.  My use case is that I want my dashboard to show the following metrics: # of tickets  # of solved tickets FRT ...