Oliver Cyples

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Oliver Cyples의 최근 활동 최근 활동 투표 수
  • Phone Numbers in Explore

    Hey   We need to be able to have Incoming phone number in Explore, the closest article I could find was https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360057235414-Explore-recipe-List-of-incoming-ph...

  • Promote Help Centre Articles within the Chat Widget

    Hey   I know this is possible via API but our Support teams don't have access to do this. Having the option to reorder the list of Help Centre articles by key words would be ideal for us.   As an e...

  • Set the default number based by the Group

    Hi We don't use an IVR and rather have lines that call through to our groups. Due to this is means for example with our Spanish teams we have about 10 different phone numbers. When outbound calling...

  • Agent Workspace Feedback - Display Name for Chat

    Hi   I couldn't find another post on this. We've recently switched to Agent Workspace, after speaking to one of the team I understand Chat still uses the Display Name set in the Chat Product, howev...

  • Macros - Edit multiple groups without Global Access

    Hey   I just wanted to feedback on the editing of group macros with out requiring Global Access.  After speaking to your support guys who were very helpful explaining, it appears because a macro is...

  • Accessibility UI Options


    Hi We've recently had an agent struggling with the brightness of the UI in Zendesk, with out needing to change the look on the instance for everyone it'd be great to have some accessibility options...

  • Shortcut Group Restrictions in Chat

    Hi   We have multiple Chat groups, we've also restricted access to only edit macros within those groups for the users.   Some shortcuts however are across 2 teams, so our Agent has a shortcut in Gr...