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uncle_joe의 최근 활동 최근 활동 투표 수
  • Inbuilt POLL for the Community fora.

    Can we get an inbuilt poll on Gather? A simple one would suit me fine, just so we can ask our users to vote on various issues and get quick feedback on ideas, etc. Do you like A xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...

  • automated json ticket from field not correct

    When I create a new ticket in the ZD backend and send from agent/admin to user, it works fine. The ticket appears to come from the agent/admin & goes to the user who receives it in their inbox show...

  • add post image to index page?


    A lot of our posts have images included. They look fine. But is it possible to include a thumbnail of the post image - if it exists - on the index page of the gather topic? Thanks

  • emojis in gather?

    I can add emojis in tickets, but is there a way to add emojis to the toolbar in gather?

  • web widget not returning non-English results

    The web widget on our site returns results only in English, even when it is set to display in another language (Italian in our case) and even when we search for an Italian word we KNOW is in the Gu...

  • make external links open in new tab

    When a user makes a post or comment in the forum, is there an automatic way to ensure any external links they might add open in a new browser tab? Thanks.

  • cannot change photo in user profile

    When an end user goes to their profile in GATHER or SUPPORT, they are unable to change their photo (it shows with the default 'empty' avatar). At the top of the profile edit window it says: The nam...

  • Create ticket for Facebook post with comment, not "empty" posts.

    We add lots of posts to our Facebook page each day and we don't want them all converted into tickets as it would simply overwhelm us. However, if someone posts a COMMENT on one of our posts, we'd l...

  • Add clickable URL to end user

    Using Team Support. On our site we have a form which sends various information to Zendesk; this includes the user's PROFILE on our site and it's useful for agents to be able to click this to see wh...