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Zac의 최근 활동 최근 활동 투표 수
  • Insights Reporting - "Unresponsive Chat" Metric


    My chat numbers were higher in Insights than they were in Analytics. After further investigation, I found that Insights counts Proactive Chats where the visitor doesn't reply. However, in Analytics...

  • New Shared Data Sources

    How will I know when the new shared data sources have been rolled out in our account? So far, it seems like all our data sources have an individual owner. I have decided not to delete or change any...

  • New Ticket Fields admin page: Dynamic Content Support


    Let me start by saying that we love the new Ticket Fields admin page! It's a huge leap forward from the previous experience, and our favorite new feature is the drag and drop reorder of dropdown fi...

  • Speed up Loading


    Loading times take quite a while for the following: Loading Reports Loading Dashboards Building Reports: Loading Metrics lists Building Reports: Loading "Rows" selection lists Building Reports: Lo...

  • Allow Reordering of Triggers


    Since triggers fire in order, and one trigger's action can cause another to fire, Zendesk Chat should allow the admin to easily reorder triggers in the admin panel. 

  • Deeper Integration Between Chat + Web Widget


    For customer with Zendesk Chat + Support integration, a deeper integration with Web Widget would be a serious enhancement. Web Widget should cause Zendesk Chat triggers to fire before the chat wid...

  • Dynamic Content / Localization


    The dropdown values in our custom fields rely on Dynamic Content, so our global teams can work from a standard set of processes. In Insights, it seems that these dropdown values automatically displ...

  • Bulk Changes to Guide Sections and Articles


    Zendesk Guide is quite useful, but there is room for growth when it comes to scaling the tool for large support organizations. One of the biggest challenges is around optimizing information archite...

  • Detect Locale in Triggers

    Please consider adding the ability to detect the visitor locale in Triggers as a built-in function. We know this is available via custom code, but we can't always rely on Web development to support...

  • Suggested Metric: KB Search to Chat Conversion

    Standard Reporting already shows a useful metric on the Search tab: Tickets Created. This allows you to see what search strings ultimately resulted in a ticket conversion. However, with the inclusi...