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Zac의 최근 활동 최근 활동 투표 수
  • Analytics Enhancements - Agent Status + Agent Missed Chats


    Today, we have reporting in Analytics that allows us to see the time that an agent was logged in, and the time that an agent was serving chats. However, when I see an agent was logged in and not se...

  • JS API - Add Method to Detect Current Department


    The Department class currently has these methods: filter() setVisitorDepartment() clearVisitorDepartment() getDepartment() getAllDepartments() setLabel() We recommend adding a method for detectVi...

  • User-Level Time Zone

    I see that the BIME product has user-level time zone so timestamps and events can be displayed in the user's local time. This has tremendous impact on reporting in a global organization. How does u...

  • How Often is Data Refreshed?


    Hi Explore team, How often are the Zendesk datasets refreshed in Explore?

  • Restrict Ability to Create Data Sources

    It would be helpful to restrict the ability to create data sources for some Reports users. Dan Ross has noted here that it would help in the following ways: Additional sets (i.e. named sets, order...

  • 400 Bad Request


    After spending the morning with an Explore tab open, while trying to edit a query I got message stating "An error has occurred". I attempted to log out and back in to fix the issue, and received a ...

  • Onboarding Feedback

    1. I was not greeted with onboarding information in Explore when I was welcomed into the program. 2. When I created a new data source, I was congratulated for cloning a dashboard, building a query,...

  • Help Center / Web Widget Reporting

    Hi Explore Team, Will Explore provide a way to view Web Widget searches and compare them against click-throughs and tickets created, as the standard reporting in Zendesk currently provides? This wo...

  • Support Global Enterprise: Provide Hours of Operation Time Zone by Department


     Hi Zendesk Chat team, The "Multiple Hours of Operation" feature is useful, but has a lot of room for growth. It is missing feature that block our ability to use the Hours of Operation on a global ...

  • Limit Department Routing by Multiple Factors


    Need: two dimensional department routing Use case: teams who speak multiple languages, and support multiple brands   Suppose I have a multi-brand and multi-language environment, and I need to route...