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Andrew Checkley의 활동에 대한 투표 수 최근 활동 투표 수
  • Adding Labels to Articles

    Our articles can relate to different versions of our software so wanted an easy way to display on the article which version of the software the article can be used for. (this in theory could be app...

  • Chat widget restrict by group


    Hi, We have two levels of support and would like to integrate the chat widget on our help center. However I would like it to only display for certain customers that are on a specific support model ...

  • Article image swap/zoom on mouseover

    Has anyone had any luck in implementing an easy mouseover image swap/zoom within an article? Many of our articles contain screen shots I'd like them to zoom to cursor within the article. Some artic...

  • Request page in Help Center Update order

    All, Is it possible to change the order of updates within the request view within help center. For example when a user logs in and views a request the oldest update is shown at the top and the newe...

  • Multiple Forms and Insights

    All,   I'm moving our installation over to multiple form types so that data captured is more relevant to each team. If a ticket comes in on form 1 and fields are completed. and then moves over to f...

  • Help Center Vote buttons change color


    Anyone advise on how I can change the color of the Vote buttons? Searching through the CSS and cannot locate? Thanks Andrew

  • Help Center templates

    Hi, We currently use a modified Humble Squid theme for our Help ceter. During the modification process no log was kept of changes. Would it be possible to have copies of the original templates? Or ...

  • Help Center - Humble Squid customization

    All, Would be easy to add an option to article lists to include an icon on certain articles that I choose? For example some of articles will contain video guides and I'd like for those listed to ...