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    Jason Maynard
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    Hey everyone,

    We've just released drag & drop for images in the article editor. See the announcement here and let us know how it works for you.


  • Christian Colding
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    Hi Patrick,

    That's a very specific request. I would love to hear a bit more about what you are trying to achieve. Why do you want them to be assets?

  • Patrick Thomas
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    We had an intern move HELP content from a jimdo-site to Zendesk Help Center, and she drag-and-dropped all our screenshots from the old site into Zendesk articles.

    Then we deleted the old site, as we don't need it anymore.

    Now all screenshot pictures are gone.

    We  had to learn, that drag-and-drop only creates a link not really embeds the image into the article. With the image sources gone, all images are dead, which is pretty much a desaster, because we don't have them anymore (see above). It will take days to recreate all the images, unnecessary, and unplanned work.

    Please, either auto-upload or AT LEAST, inform the user or better ask him whether he just wants to create an image link (I venture in 99% of the cases, he does NOT want that) or wants the image to be added to assets.

    Thanks for reaching out.

  • Christian Colding
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    Okay, that's good to know.

    So the problem isn't so much that it specifically needs to be uploaded as assets. The point is that when you insert images by copy/pasting you want them to be uploaded as well or at least informed that they are not or alternately stripping them out, so at least it's clear that they are not really there.

    Thank you for providing your feedback on this.

  • Graeme Carmichael
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    Thank you for posting. I had no idea that was the case.

    So, my testing shows that:

    • Images pasted from another site are entered as external links
    • Images pasted from local PC are entered as a link withing Zendesk.com but do not appear in the image gallery
    • Images uploaded to the image gallery are links within Zendesk.com and appear in the image gallery.
  • Molly Cameron
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    +1 for this, or at least a better solution for copied images! 

    We have a similar situation. We often copy all article content (via HTML) into a new article if we're drafting a new version, or a version that's very similar.

    As Patrick noticed, the images will show up in the new article as if they've been pasted, but they aren't really loaded into the image editor. You have to remember to manually upload them to the guide, or they won't be there when you publish.

    If the uploaded images can't go directly to assets, it would be great if Zendesk had a way to notify us that the image is just copied, but not really in the new doc. Maybe it could have a red box, an error message, or not appear at all. This saves us from accidentally publishing a guide full of broken image links. 


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