Prioritize Bounced Email Notification

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  • Mike Bombich

    It seems weird to have to ask for this functionality. Humans make mistakes, computers are supposed to deal with them. If Zendesk's SMTP service fails to deliver an email to "" because "" is unresolvable, it's absurd to not immediately add that result to the ticket and mark the ticket open. For the support request to just fall into the void and the customer nor the agent is none the wiser, that's just astonishingly unprofessional.

    I'm just dumbfounded that this issue ever existed at all, and more so that people have been asking for it for YEARS and it's not implemented. This is basic functionality for a service that facilitates email interactions between people.

  • Kilian Eitzenberger

    Mike Bombich thanks for picking up the topic again. As you can see, we are waiting for a while already.

  • Brad Traweek

    Add Fender Musical Instruments (aka Fender Guitars) to the list of clients in sore need of this feature and a bit surprised by its absence in the current solution. Thanks!

  • Joseph Aronez

    odd that a ticketing email software does not have this as a default. 

  • Joe Garbowsky

    My team would love to see this feature available sooner rather than later. Hard to believe a fat-fingered email address just disappears into the oblivion under the current Zendesk structure without the agent being notified. A time resolution would be greatly appreciated by our team!

  • Erika

    When will this feature be available?

  • Mark McKelvey

    Another up-vote for this capability.  I agree with previous commenters that it isn't acceptable for a customer service organization to be unaware that the communication with the customer is failing.

  • Ben Jackson

    3 years on, and this is still a concern for multiple users, despite this being slated for development 'in the near future'.

    If Zendesk can build a spam filter that can consume emails that have a 'no-reply' email, SURELY it shouldn't be too difficult to build a feature that consumes postmaster/non-deliverable notifications?

    Why would I bother even using Zendesk if my email client can provide basic functionality that Zendesk seems to be unable or unwilling to replicate?

    Honestly, give one of your developers two weeks of free time (maximum!) and I 'm sure they could build something usable.

  • Susan Sack

    This is a big issue and ridiculous that it is not native- PLEASE FIX ASAP!

  • Otilia Calinescu

    +1 on this feature. We have got some angry comments from several clients, some ending on social networks with not so nice comments about our Brand, because their mails bounced each time we replied.
    Deliverability events (webhooks our logs) are a common feature for mail delivery solutions and as Zendesk Support sens emails I Think this is really something you should include in not so distant releases.


  • Jonathan

    Posted this in another post a while ago, but I'm posting it here as well as I hope it will help some people.

    I took matters into my own hands and built a bounce notification system myself using Zapier (#nospon). This was possible since we relay incoming email over the Gmail servers and Zapier has both Zendesk and Gmail integrations. (But they also have Microsoft Outlook and more.)

    Zapier basically tracks Gmail for bounced emails. When it finds one it'll search for the corresponding ticket in Zendesk and updates it (open + comment).

    This is what my Zapier configuration looks like:

    When this happens...

    1. New Email Matching Search in Gmail (e.g. from:MAILER-DAEMON@*

    Do this...

    2. Extract Email Address

    3. Find Ticket in Zendesk (make sure to use order_by:created sort:desc)

    4. Update Ticket in Zendesk

  • Ben Jackson

    Not all heroes wear capes. Thank you Jonathan! We have a Zapier account, and will implement this hack!


    Still super disappointing that Zendesk won't solve this problem.

  • Stephen Belleau

    In my mind, Jonathan DOES wear a cape. Legend. :D 

  • Alexandra Torres

    This feature is really basic functionality and a necessity of support email ops. Please develop!

  • chris

    +1 from me, is there any news on this yet, there are so many threads out there on this, i can see people have been asking for this feature for over 4 years and still nothing. Why should we have to pay another monthly fee when this should be built in.

  • Anonymous

    +10 - one from each of our licensed users. We'll be back here at the end of the line waiting as well. 

  • Bill Cicchetti

    Adding to the up votes.  

    Users and managers lose confidence in the system when an intricate part of the communication channel such as email can have issues like this.  Telling a client "we didn't get your email" and having no reasoning  for it makes unhappy clients and unhappy users/managers.

  • Peter Ekelund

    +1 from me. Even though it feels useless.

    Agents have no idea of what they are missing. Here. You do! Make it visible. Amazed that this basic feature has been discussed for 6 years without any action.


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