Tracking agent log activity in Talk

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  • Erin Slovitt

    Agree this is desperately needed. This is very basic reporting for most Support environments. 

  • Paul

    I agree as well. It would be useful to have a time stamp of changes performed within Talk, as well as a log of the activities that a user performs i.e Turning availability on/off, and for whom.

  • Mari-Liis

    Any updates about this possibility? 

  • Esteban Rodes Escribano

    Not only am I strongly agree that this functionality would be incredibly useful but I think that it is also needed to be available for Zendesk Talk. Is there any update regarding this topic?

  • Rohan Gupta

    Hi Esteban,

    Thanks for the feedback!
    This is in active discussion inside the team and we are looking to solve this across various different channels inside Zendesk.


  • Robbie Chasse


    What is the status of this update? This is a highly needed functionality and surprised that it is not available this late in the game. 


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