How to change the banner image of your Zendesk Help Center for each language

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  • Edwin

    Couldn't see your post here but I saw it in my notifications dunno why it doesnt appear hear! But you were a life saviour dude.





  • Alejandro Colon

    I am really glad you got it to work. Sorry it has been a whirlwind trying to figure this out.

    I made some edits to my posts so they will probably be a bit different from what you saw in the email. But, it looks like you got most of it working. Take a moment to reread my posts to make sure you don't miss my other comments. Good luck zendesking in the future.

  • Ron de Vries

    Edwin Alejandro Colon

    Nice to see you got it! I do agree with Alejandro regarding the Dynamic Content; maybe something to look into for future purposes as it also allows you to bulk import / export if, for example, you need other people to jump in and translate placeholders. I use Dynamic Content throughout my entire Help Center but also in my Triggers and Automations in the Support interface. In fact, we also send out automatic emails rendering Dynamic Content from Zendesk. 



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