How to export knowledge base content from your Help Center as PDF (no coding required)

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  • BIPO Support
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    This function is exactly what I am looking for. However, after setting up as guided above, when I click on Knowledge Base to PDF, I encountered the Categories section is in constant "Loading". Can please advise how I can resolve this?


  • Krista Shaver
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    Will you be narrowing the export down to the article at any point? I don't want the entire section for every export, it would be great to be able to pick and choose articles for an export.

  • Casen Van Houten
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    Can't access the Knowledge Base to PDF anymore. We just get an error: " took too long to respond"

    Reinstalled the app as well and same issue.

    Can this please be fixed soon as we were relying on this tool/app. Hopefully their support team sees this since its so hard to get a response back from them via email. 

    Thank you!



    UPDATE: Apparently they had an outage on their servers. It is working now.


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