Connecting external data sources to Explore

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  • Nicole Verspeek

    I agree. We create quotes and plan installations via Odoo. It would be great to be able to link that data in Explore with the number of calls and tickets created each week, to e.g. get a contact to order ratio. 

  • Vladimir Petrushenka

    Thanks Laura. If possible, we want to normalise certain types of Zendesk tickets contact against our own product's data. So for example, we'd like to build reports that compare complaint tickets against total sessions for our website/app in order to get a ratio of complaints/sessions. We have the product data in various places, but for example Tableau.

  • Jon Thorne

    Agreed, this would be really useful

  • Laura Campbell

    Hi Vladimir Petrushenka , what kind of external data are you looking to plug into Expore? For example, is this data in an SQL or Oracle database? Or something else? Data about your products or services or about your customers? Just looking to understand your use case a little better!


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