Support Needs BCC Option

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  • DJ Yoder

    Hi! Have you ever looked into the problem/incident functionality?  Not sure if it fits your use case exactly without having more details, but my team uses this to post one update that notifies all related incident tickets at once.  No ticket merging and no individual updates or BCC notifications are required.

  • Roxanna Martinez

    BCC is such a basic function - hard to believe it's not already available in ZD. We use this often to include internal parties that are not added in ZD as well as to send mass comms to several clients without revealing their emails.

  • The Curated

    Agreed! We always need to send out mass communications and it would be handy to have a BCC option in ZD rather than going back into our e-mails to send it through there.

  • Debbie Graham

    BCC would be useful for us, our clients often have super users who want to be copied into any responses we give their users. They don't always want the user to be notified, so  BCC would be very helpful.

  • Elias Laham

    I totally agree with the above comments. BCC is such a 'basic' function not to have in the system. We have many cases that agents would like a manager to see a thread by adding them in BCC and not have to add them to the actual ticket keeping this private from the end user. ZD do have other options but are very difficult and are not as affective as a simple BCC.


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