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    Hello Bernard, Thanks for your question.

    The way the visualisation in chat works is, that the visitors chat bubble will be displayed in the theme color of your WebWidget and the color of the Agent's response is displayed in grey by default (this cannot be changed)


    However, you can change the main color of the Widget, by either using our Widget-API or directly  changing it within the Widget-Customisation tab within your Zendesk Support. 

    1. In Zendesk Support, go to Admin  > Channels > Widget.
    2. Under Theme color, select the color for the buttons and links in your widget.e the color of the Web Widget components using the Theme color setting.
    3. Under Theme text color, select the color of the text in the widget.
    4. Click Save.

    I hope this was helpful. Please let us know, if you need further assistance.

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