How can I split a ticket natively?

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  • Maude Joly
    Zendesk Customer Advocate

    Hi Joao,

    Splitting tickets is not supported natively in Zendesk. The app Split n Close that you've found is usually the one we would recommend you to use.

    Hope that stills helps!

  • Edwin Schukking

    Hi Maude,

    Not to be too bold on a Sunday morning, as you are here to help us out, but Joao was actually asking *why* Zendesk is not supporting this basic feature natively?

    And actually, what at least I am looking for, is a feature to fork or split the tickets from the start. Because yes, it happens that end clients ask a new question after their initial issue had been solved. But they also often report unrelated issues in their initial ticket and to be able to fork these at that moment into not one but multiple tickets, that would help and, and I might not have checked their website too carefully, that is not what this app seems to be able to do. 

    Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks in advance! ☺ 



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