Exporting when you have a multiselect field into 1 row

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  • Chandra Robrock
    Community Moderator

    Hey Emily Hughes

    We use a multi-select field at my company and it is expected that each value would be included in a separate row. That way, you can really slice and dice the data how you want to for each export.

    For instance, if Ticket 1 had Option A selected, Ticket 2 had Option A and B selected and Ticket 3 had Option A and C selected, I can easily see how many tickets have Option A selected via the Export when its included in its own row. If all of that data were in one single cell on one row, I'd likely have to parse it somehow or count the values manually.

    That said, I'd be curious to know a bit more about your specific use case. Is there a specific reason as to why you'd like all of the multi-select values associated with a single ticket to be included within a single cell?

    That additional context would help myself and other Community Members know if there might be a good workaround we could recommend instead. :) 


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