Re-publishing an updated content block?

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  • DS RF

    I agree that we should be provided the option/setting to either "Only Update" or "Update & Publish" articles when a CB is updated, but that does not sound like it's on Zendesk's roadmap anytime soon.

    However, in the meantime, you can...

    1. navigate to your list of All articles,
    2. filter them by status,
    3. select the checkbox next to the articles to be re-published
    4. click the Publication > Publish bulk edit option that appears at the bottom of the screen

    Voila, you've re-published them en masse.

  • Xero - Workflowmax

    Thanks for this suggestion. I'm still pretty new to Guide and I would not have thought of doing this. It's definitely better than locating (then publishing) each article by hand, but I'm still in favor of having the computer do that work if possible ;-)


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