Como fazer integração do Zendesk Sell com gateway de Pagamento VINDI (Plataforma de Pagamento On-line).


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  • Katie Dougherty
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Djalma S. Araújo,

    I apologize for responding in English, but I saw your post and thought I could offer some helpful resources! 

    My understanding is you are looking to integrate with an online payment platform.

    • The first place you can look is our Zendesk Marketplace. Search for payment apps and other invoicing options. 
    • I also want to point out that Sell has a native integration with Xero and a Xero app in the marketplace to send information from Sell and create an invoice in Xero when a deal is won.
    • Additionally, Zapier is a third-party integration tool to connect Sell/Support with another application.

    Lastly, feel free to post this feedback in the Sell Community Feedback section for our Product Managers to see and other Sell users to upvote your suggestion! 


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