Send outbound email from Zendesk?


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  • Taz Man

    Well, probably not much help Pilar Sterne, but I'm moving over to Freshdesk at the end of the week to get around it. This was the one thing that really killed Zendesks usability for what we need in a helpdesk sadly despite many other solid features.

  • Ryan
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Pilar Sterne and Taz Man --

    Your outbound emails are unaffected -- Agent created tickets and Comment updates remain the same. The change you speak of only effects the notification an end-user gets upon ticket creation.

    For the comment to not be on the notification ALL of the following must be true:

    • The recipient is an end-user
    • The creator of the message is an end-user
    • The trigger fires upon ticket creation 


    Otherwise, your workflows remain unaffected. If you have any concerns about this update, I urge you to create a support ticket or comment on that Announcement. Here is the link to that announcement:

    I recommend looking at the example of what is changing. Additionally, we have manually made this in our own account -- feel free to send in a ticket to support [at] to see what it looks like.


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