Continue previous list numbering in a support article


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  • Colin Piper

    I have come across several tools that do not offer this capability especially html based ones. What I tend to do in these cases is to create a numbered list first and then insert the unbulleted text using a soft line break instead of a carriage return. In Help Center you can also edit the html I think and remove the indent.

    1. Item 1

    This line was added using soft line breaks (shift+enter)

    1. Item 2

    Here I have used a hard carriage return

    1. Item 3
  • Johannes

    Yes, I find it is annoying not be able to continue numbering after space (not only in article, but also in the ticket)

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    If you begin each line of the intervening items with at least 4 spaces, the numbering (or bulleting, etc) will be respected.

  • Carolyn Whitehouse

    I am using the work-arounds mentioned here (thanks all) but vote for this feature to be improved.


  • Ben Everist

    I would like this to be improved.... We are always stepping our customers through support articles and always embedding screenshots which effects the numbering. Would also like to have different formats of numbering in WSYWIG editor.

  • Rachel Thompson

    Has there been any progress on this topic? I am new to Zendesk, and I am unable to get the workaround to work. Would someone be able to share a screenshot?

  • Jonathan March
    Community Moderator

    @Rachel, I would love to share a screenshot, but TBH these days I only use manual numbering, not automatic. It makes the formatting less attractive, but is a lot easier to manage. 

  • Chris Stoneff

    New to Zendesk and imagine my dismay when the product we switched from, vBulletin, has had this for years. The KB system strips all custom elements out - that are still documented on the ZenDesk support forums like code, pre, etc, and no ordered list continue? 

  • Hal Rosner

    This can be achieved by editing the html. Syntax:

    <li value="#">Your text goes here. </li>

    Where # is whatever list number you want.

  • Candace Alexandres

    This is extremely frustrating. We should not be expected to use the HTML editor to put simple formatting in place. Please spend time making the editor more flexible and robust. 

  • mglinski

    Having the same problem. I find it remarkable that Zendesk can handle simple HTML issues like this (and there are others). We shouldn't have to waste hours researching how get this HTML editor to edit HTML.

    BTW, the <li value="#"> didn't work for me. 

  • Hal Rosner


    have you used the closing tag </li>? The syntax in its entirety is <li value="#">Your text goes here. </li>, and that is definitely correct:


  • mglinski

    @Hal Rosner, here's my code: 

    <li value="3">Item</li>
    <li value="4">Item</li>

    In the editor view, it outputs 3 and 4 as desired. But in Preview it outputs as 1 and 2.

  • Charlie WIlkinson

    Has this been resolved or even looked at since almost 4 years ago?!? We are migrating our content right now, and though the preview shows as fine, when we publish, it is not respecting the <li value="#">This is my next instruction</li>

    This is extremely frustrating, and not at all able to be customer facing if this cannot be resolved. 

  • Charlie WIlkinson

    Hey guys, we've been able to determine a solution that so far has not failed. 


    <ol start="#"> 
    <li>Enter the instructional step information</li> 


    <ol start="#"> 
    <li>Enter the next instructional step information</li> 

    Afte testing on about 10 articles, so far, if we start with the next number in line with <ol start="#"> , then put in the <li> and write out the list item, then close the list item with </li> and then close the list with </ol> and continue to repeat that for each step down the line after a graphic has been inserted, it works just fine. We're continuing to test this solution.

  • Duane Knudsen
    1. New Zendesk Guide user.
    2. A little surprised that there is no option to set numbering.


    1. Thanks for the tips on editing code!
  • Linda

    Yikes, can't believe this thread is over four years old. I'm experiencing this issue, as well.

    Numbering shows up as expected in the editor, but does not in the published article.

    Please fix. 

  • Ognjen Putnikovic

    Charlie Wilkinson you son of a gun, it works! It even continues to number the list normally after the code snippet, until you break the numbering with more images or line breaks.

  • Tabaka, Ted

    Please make this a higher priority! It is the one thing that really bugs me about ZenDesk guide. I would love if it was implemented.

  • Aaron Parker

    I have found that I don't have to go into the HTML source code by using the SHIFT key with the RETURN key. Then I can continue my ordered list using 1, 2, 3, etc.

    I indicate here:

    1. First list

      I can add whatever I want, and using SHIFT+ENTER, it keeps the alignment with my ordered list

    2. When I'm ready to use a "hard" return, I neglect the SHIFT key and hit ENTER as normal, and the numbering continues.

      Isn't that awesome!

      Pictures too!

    3. But what if I want to use the full portent of indentation and all of the Roman outlining or Latin alphabeticals?

      Can it even do that? Technically, yes, in the source HTML code. In Editor, it will even display the other nuances I've coded in (such as <ol type="A"> or <ol type="i"> (and it goes on, <ol type="a">); however, huge sad face here, in the end-user "preview" or "published" version of the article, all <ol> are rendered as 1, 2, 3, etc.

    4. Kinda dumb, isn't it? What are your thoughts on getting basic HTML recognized or the WYSIWIG GUI modernized?
    1. How does this render?

      Using the same SHIFT+ENTER model:

      1. What's this? Indented and new "numbering" on an ordered list? WHAT?

        I really like this, but the tool doesn't do this. It does 1, followed by an indent of 1.

      2. That can't be good!

        It isn't. Especially when it looks like I've succeeded in editor, but really editor is lying to me. To my face! Behind my back! To my children! GASP!

      3. What can I do?

        Just tears, son. Sorry.

      4. But, but, but....

        I know. And here you wanted to go even deeper:

        1. I did! How did you know?

          You're kinda being know that, right?

        2. Oh, it's fine, I'm not saying this outloud. It's all inner-brain speak. Like DeadPool.

          It's not.

        3. Fix me? It, I mean! Fix it?

          We'll see.

        4. Come on! You can't just do that!

          Can. Did. Hello, what's your name?

      5. I'm a new thought! Back from indentation.

        Oh yah. Give me this, please.
  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Aaron, this is probably my favorite feedback comment of all time. Thank you for your sense of humor :)

    I've pinged the product team to make sure they're aware of the requests in this thread. Hopefully they'll weigh in or send along an update I can share with you!

  • Melody Quinn

    I am disappointed it took 5 years after this post was created that an end user, rather then Zendesk gave the tip of using Shift+Enter. I just finished imputing all of our articles from a different KB and would have been extremely helpful to know this ahead of time. I used HTML, but the process would have been much fast knowing this. 

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    I've known about Shift+Enter in many contexts, I've even used it for articles myself.  I've also complained about having to edit HTML in Guide for the same reason as this article.  I've probably done both in the same day in retrospect.  It's super easy to forget that sometimes our computers just have the ability to do something already (or have slowly learned some new trick over time as updates come out on our OS/Browsers). 

    I'm not sure if this was intentional to add it into the product or not, but it feels like one of those things that may have just came with an OS/Browser update for free (or potentially been there from the start).  I wouldn't expect this sort of tip to be something that would ever be trained or largely documented because shift+enter is broadly available in a lot of systems and is almost a de facto shortcut.

    That said, huge kudos to Aaron Parker for calling it out. It's the small things that make life that much better sometimes.


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