'Merge tickets' editable default text

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  • Jake Holman

    There is actually space for this in the Translation files, it's just the authors don't seem to have updated it.

    What language are you using in your Zendesk?

    _Jake Holman

  • Pascal Wolterman

    Hi Jake, thank you for the reply. Is this the case also for {{footer}} in the mail template?

    We're using the Dutch language.




  • ExploreLearning

    Submitted as a ticket; ZD staff request that I post it in this forum ... my request seems related to this entry:

    In looking at the Merge Ticket functionality, I notice that the text that is sent to the Requester mentions the Ticket ID, with a link that sends the user back to the ZD webpage.

    This is a problem for sites that are designing an 'email-only' helpdesk.

    Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a way to change this, short of deleting all mention of the Ticket ID from the text. Which would be tolerable, if we could save that text to be used every time a ticket was merged (like say, a 'Merge Tix' trigger). But as far as I can tell, that text cannot be saved -- it needs to be altered each and every time a Merge is called.

    This is odd, and seems to be the only place where we cannot design/save the messages sent to end-users. 

  • Devin

    Adding my vote to the masses here. We use ZD in email-only mode too, so for us to use this feature at all, we need to be able to change the default messaging (much like you can for the CC message).


    Additionally, it would be good if the message respected the "not public by default" option... as one of the fields does, but the other does not.

  • Eric Taylor

    I'd like to voice my vote for this feature as well. Customers seem to confuse easily over the text of a merged ticket, and we'd love to be able to edit the text to a user friendly message that is easily understandable on their side.

  • Stéphane Plante

    I also created a ticket about this and it was suggested that I post my comments here.

    In our case, this feature is a must. There are two things in this default message we do not wish to send to our clients: A link to the tickets (we work by email only) and a word that we consider to be a bad translation for our purposes (in a market where the quality of language is primordial).

    I hope this is quickly added.

  • Kevin Meyer

    +1! We find that customers are often confused by the default message, thinking we've closed their ticket entirely. Of course, we can always change it manually, but manual is no fun.

  • Wouter van Gessel



    I don't know how to translate the "This request was closed and merged into request " message. 


    When I am merging a request now in the Dutch language, our end-user gets an English message about the merge.


    We use dynamic content for translations, how do I change this default text for our agents?

  • Oliver Mott

    To have a fully automated, consistent help desk we need all emails to be standardised. Please can you add this as a control panel option.

    Cheers :-)

  • Kyle Handley

    Is there any way to trigger to accomplish this, or an update on the feature request?

  • Chris Lee

    This is a needed feature.  Add Dynamic Content to the Merged Ticket text.

  • Arnaud Hug

    As others zendesk customers, we wish to have a dynamic content in the merged ticket text.

  • Wes Shank


    I think if you at least changed the current merge to remove the CLOSED comment that would be a step in the right direction. Some clients only see that the ticket was CLOSED and get irked.

  • Ramil

    Voicing forth our vote to make this feature available for us. Can we have an update this is already in the pipeline?

  • Heather R

    We would like the option to customize this text template for merging. Also would like the functionality to NOT override the required fields at close. If we don't have required fields filled out, it should not allow a merge. 

  • Lucas

    +1 here. Disappointing this thread has been open since 2010 without any comment from Zendesk.

    This is earth to Major Tom, can you hear me Major Tom?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Lucas - 

    We hear you. I'm very aware that communication in the Product Feedback forum has been sub-par for some time, and we're taking active steps to improve the experience in this part of our Community. Until I came on board earlier this year, there wasn't consistent moderation of this part of the community - some Product Managers participated quite a bit and others didn't at all. As of the past few months, I've taken over monitoring and moderating this forum. 

    I've been rounding up all of the threads that have been languishing and sending them over to the appropriate product teams to see what's on the raodmap and what isn't. I've added this one to the list, and will let you know what I hear back from them. My list is rather long, so it may take a couple of weeks - thanks for your patience! 

  • Richard Patterson

    Hi Nicole,

    Any update on where this currently lives on the roadmap (or if it made it to the roadmap)?

    Similar to a comment above, we find that our customers get confused by the template saying we've "closed" their ticket, and would like the ability to customize the default for what is sent when a ticket is merged.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Richard - 

    It is not on the roadmap at the moment, but we're continuing to collect votes and use-cases to see if it's something needed by enough customers to prioritize it. 

  • Colin Wilkinson


    While we don't have an email-only support center, we do not utilize the Requests pages in Guide. Currently these emails include links to a broken and/or inaccessible page. The checkbox can be easy to overlook if requiring agents to uncheck. Blocking these notifications via triggers only works immediately -- the messaging and links can appear later in the thread when the next notification is sent.

    Additionally, for a global business with a strong brand, customizable messaging and translation support is a must.

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for your feedback, Colin. 

  • info

    +1 Can't believe this isn't supported in any way! Such a basic feature for non English clients...

  • Jasmine Glasgow

    I don't understand why I am not able to edit the template for a merged ticket response - but I can for every other response (comment update etc). All I want to be able to do is create my own 'merge ticket' template, that suits our business and our clients. 

    Please get this in the pipeline. 





  • Daniel Journo

    +1 here. Feels weird that seemingly obvious features like this are not included in Zendesk already.

  • David Leigh

    +1 here.  We have customers using French and Spanish and this text defaults to English.  Grrrrr...

  • Joachim Van der Goten

    +1. We have customers in different parts of Europe and really need the option to add dynamic content to the Merge ticket comments.

  • info

    I can't understand that this hasn't been resolved in almost 9 years!

    Really? One line of code to make your international customers happy?

    What would a employee of Zendesk itself think if they would receive a response like
    "Deze aanvraag is gesloten en samengevoegd in aanvraag #39338 "test samenvoeging 3"

    and can't adjust this, because not enough customers ask for this feature?

    It's the whole basis of zendesk and just wrong that you can't adjust it. 

  • Oliver Tietze

    Very much +1


    Upvoting the original post could be mistaken as "we need translation" (which is already there).

    But: WE NEED CUSTOMIZING (e. g. the date of the mentioned "last comment" is important to us for clarity).



  • Amanda Wagner

    To the last comment, we would really appreciate being able to CUSTOMIZE the merge message (for some this may be translating). Currently our agents have to manually edit every single time - while inefficient, this also opens the possibility of our agents not following our standardized response as often, because it currently requires them to look up and copy our standard response. 

    Please add this feature!!

  • Gerald Schwarz

    Wir hätten auch gerne eine Möglichkeit, das Template anzupassen. Uns würde schon eine einfache Lösung reichen, in der wir etwa alle benötigten Sprachen untereinander in ein Textfeld schreiben können, nur mit dem Tickettitel und dessen ID als Platzhalter.

    Sie haben diese Nachricht nicht verstanden, weil sie auf Deutsch war?

    Genauso geht es unseren englischen Kunden:


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