[COMPLETED] Allow control of the order of comments for end users


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  • Steven Ekman

    We would really like to have the sorting changed as well as the add comment box at the top, like others have mentioned in this thread.  Is there any update from Zendesk on this?  Is there a better thread to follow??

  • Zvika Dror

    @Shawn - This is a focused change, there is no need to do it 4/7 years later in any larger scope - it IS the scope of communication with our customers and if we have their last comment on top, they should have our last comment on top as well.

    Checkbox and Sort option, keep in cookie var, so easy to implement and such a needed improvement which should have been in ZenDesk ticket view from day 1.

  • Zvika Dror

    Sorry. Whomever need this change for large scope of their clients please open a support ticket referring to this post. Again Sorry, but Sylvain here is only one of the waiting customers for resolution of legitimate bug (in design, presentation, call it whatever you like). Thanks you. ZD

  • Matt Luis

    We need this. Come on ZD....

  • Paul Schreiber


  • Karen

    My customers are asking for this as well.  Please advise when this is 'planned' to be moved live.


  • Kissinger

    And 4 years later this request is still going. Sorry to say but Zendesk don't actually practice what they preach.

  • Franklin Frith

    This is disappointing. 

    Clients do NOT want to login to use the portal for this exact reason. What a joke to have to scroll all the way down to see the latest comment. Any system no matter what it relates to always has latest comments / actions first.  What a waste of time for clients.

    This is why I have found NONE of my clients login to the system. They all use the email responses via their inbox. Because people don't like wasting time.

  • Christian Estefani

    Hi, Franklin! I figured this is already a lost cause. Our company is also looking for an alternative due to simple-but-"unresolvable" concerns such as this one. Would you mind letting me know once your company finds a suitable replacement? You can contact me at christian.estefani@yahoo.com.

    Thanks in advance! I'm starting to lose hope in Zendesk.

  • Karen

    I also believe this thread is a waste of time. 

    In line with the posts above, I too have started looking at other products.  Although this may appear to be a minor issue, it is indicative of how the Zendesk product is pretty inflexible.




  • Franklin Frith


    With all due respect, this is NOT a minor issue. The whole point of having a support system IS TO AVOID EMAIL!!!! Why would a customer use our support portal when he/she must login, scroll all of the way down, JUST TO SEE the latest reply....when he/she can simply open their email client and see the latest message from the support system and reply via email?

    I have concluded that ZENDESK, prefers that everything is answered via the email client of those involved instead of the actual portal itself. Otherwise, THEY WOULD MAKE THIS SIMPLE MODIFICATION.


  • Desiree


    Why not just give us the option to choose?!

  • Mick Maddy

    Any movement on this. Been since 2011........ 

  • Weyman Kwong

    Wow, just got Zendesk and I can't believe such a simple feature hasn't been added in 6 years. 

    Forget allowing users to choose. It should only be newest first. That should be a pretty fast change wouldn't it?

  • Shawn Oudavanh

    I don't disagree there it should have been in place since day 1. I'm merely sharing what I found in another thread.

  • Rusty Wilson

    In general I'm happy with my Zendesk deployment, but it is obvious that the features requested here - and the votes the features get - are only lightly considered in terms of the product mgmt roadmap.

    For example, consider this other request with even MORE votes - and something thats out-of-box for the half dozen other ticket systems I've used:

    Add possibility for customer to set cc when opening a ticket via zendesk


    Age: 7 years

    Votes: 100+

    Yes, it says panned, its said "planned" for many months if not more than a year.

    The feature being requested here and the one I linked above - are both fundamental to a ticketing system and are both several years old, yet have many votes. The explanation from ZD in both threads is "other priorities" - for 7+ years?!?

    If you're not going to implement a given feature please just say so and don't entertain the discussion for multiple years.

  • Zvika Dror

    Thanks Rusty - single "forgotten" post might be logical, but I'm sure every tick here is being noticed, then ignored, on some email notification on a busy 1st level supporter who is able to send template answers.

    Last time I revisited this topic I urged everyone to open a support ticket with ZenDesk if the feature is really important, so did I, and got feedback that PM will look at it (has been several months since).

    The separate and rule method of giving the tickets to technical team and sending feature requests to the community for review is logical, but in this case not a useful tool for ZenDesk users and product satisfaction in general.

    The main problem I see is this. You pay for a product, you get support. Your customers pay you, but they don't pay ZenDesk directly, so ZenDesk will not lose money (or sleep, or current PM) over not giving comment order to the end users, only the direct customers, which is... Me! I see the ticket communication in the correct latest to oldest order, and it is easier for Me to work with the product Me is directly paying for.

    Go open a ticket referring to this feature request (BUG!!!) if its really important to you.

    Include the CC for adding consultants and interested parties to communicate with support agents and speed up handling issues for benefit of everyone.

    And mind that BCC is missing, big time. I cannot selectively BCC a ticket to someone in my organization or an automatic tool, without letting others see the recipient, which makes ZenDesk less efficient than most email support clients (mail protocol with BCC exists since... fill with Wikipedia).

    ZenDesk - if you see this, take it as creative feedback, your web interface needs to have better usability and since we cannot do everything with custom interface using your APIs, we're dependent on your interface and what we can do with user scripts in browser to tweak it a bit better.

    Thank you, Rusty and everyone, keep pushing, one day we'll see the light at the end of tunnel :)


  • Rich Warren

    +1 - This would make life much easier for our end users and our support staff.  It's confusing when an end user checks on tickets to find that the oldest comment is listed on top.  Most think that the ticket hasn't been updated.

  • Kissinger

    At this rate I predict 2020.

  • Mark Fincham

    This is marked as "PLANNED" - when is it planned for?

  • Michael Stark

    We are just in the beta phase and have some of our customers testing zendesk from an end-users perspective. One of the first questions that came in was 'Can I change the order of the comments ?'. I think this is really important for the acceptance. I don't understand why this is not taken into account for such a long time.

  • Deanna Cocco

    +1 on this please! We just launched our Zendesk on 6/1 and it took less than one week for our users to request this same thing. I'm bummed to see how long this one's been open, but hopefully there is an update coming soon?!?!

  • John Price

    How long and how many comments needed to get this actioned? Been a reeeaaally long time. 


    Can Zendesk at least respond with where it is in the queue? Will it be addressed before we are forced to change from the current web portal in September, for example?

  • Patrick Bennett

    This is doable with very little modification to your template. I have had this reversed since we switched to the new Help Center.

    Add this to your JS in Theme Editor.

    // Reverse comments
    $('ul.comment-list').append(function () {

    return $(this).children().get().reverse()

    Then edit your request page and move your

    #form 'comment' class='comment-form' and all form components


    ul class="comment-list"

    Yes, I know these instructions are a bit vague, as soon as I find the original how to posted on ZD forum, ill link it.

    And you should end up with something that looks like my screen capture.

  • Peter Lynch

    If I was zendesk I'd solve this by deploying a reverse sort handlebar helper

    Then we could reverse other lists as well with it.

    Instead of {{#each comments}} , implement a {{#each-reverse comments}}





  • Cory Brown

    Client response from a satisfaction survey today:

    What's one thing we could do to improve?

    When there is an ongoing dialogue between myself and Pronto staff, the page opens to the oldest messages. It seems like the most recent should be at the top, like when you read an email chain.


  • Karen

    I have just read the response from Deepa@zendesk.com.... Well, that sums it up.  We won't provide customisation to reorder comments for your customers who use the portal but if you want to 'hack it' feel free to do so.  

    I give up.  


  • Michael Stark

    First I don't know why I do not see the reply from Deepa here in the forum.

    Second I'm confused:

    "With that in mind there are options and flexibility in the theme you can take advantage of.  If your prefer not to use a Javascript hack, you still have the option of fetching comments using the core API and then having full control on how you want to render them on the page."

    What would be a working hack ? We learned that the one provided earlier here is not working for multi-pages. What are the options and flexibility mentioned here ?

    I would not care to set all of our end users to a reverse order, if Zendesk cannot or want not to provide an option to to so. But in fact without something that works also for larger threads, I'm not even able to do so.


  • Johnny Slos

    Our customers want this too. Suggestion. Add a button to allow the end-user to change the order, save that selection in the browser (not the profile).

  • CamiloRodriguez

    Please we need this feature, very very important.

    It looks very unprofessional that the first comment in a post is perhaps 5 years ago and no longer relevant.  All our customers want the last post first.

    Please this is an easy fix and Zendesk would make 59 users VERY Happy !


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