Ticket export tool for End-users (Export tickets by organization)

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  • Julia Gilinets

    We would really love this feature as well!

  • Trevor Hudson

    We definitely need this one!!

  • Shadi Khader

    Yes, this is absolutely needed.  We have situations where we need to share cases with the account managers or executive team.  Would be great if Zendesk product management could comment on this.

  • Kristen Vales

    I'd like to be able to do this as an admin.  Currently Zendesk lets you export all your tickets but maybe I only want a certain group.  It would be great to have like a database where you can select certain ticket fields to export out and can filter by those.  Similar to what Insights does but just the raw data and include the description!

  • Linda Lazarou

    These responses are pretty old, is there an update on the functionality, I really need this for my clients, otherwise, I'm having to do it as administrator and send a report DAILY!  I tried to assume identity in the new version of Zendesk to see if it has been developed in the new form, but it just sends me back to the old version.


  • Sam Bignell

    Agree this would be a great feature! We get the request from time to time even though they can view all of their tickets online.

    We created a manual work around using GoodData (via Reporting > Insights) and their report creator/builder. Once you create the report you need, it can be scheduled to automatically run and emailed (to any number of specified email addresses).

  • Craig Willis

    We have customers would like this feature also.


  • Don Wood

    My clients are asking for the same feature. This is sorely lacking. 

  • Paula Belyeu

    We need this feature as well. Currently, there's not a way to run a report or create a view on all (open, solved, closed, archived, pending, on-hold, etc.) tickets by organization that can also be exported.

  • Aevanne Ni Sheoighe

    My clients are also looking for this feature please.

  • Hillary Latham

    We have gotten several requests for this feature.

  • Darrin Winning

    Have requests for this also.

  • Patti Keeler

    We need this feature also, as soon as possible we be great

  • Jodie Macariola

    We have a customer asking for a list of all their tickets as well.  They have a new Director of IT and he wants to see a list of all requests.  

    I have found today that this is not easy to do!  Views don't include archived tickets.  Search results don't have an export option.  The ticket tab when reviewing an Organization record doesn't have an export option.  I assumed the customer's identity hoping I'd find an export in their UI.  Nope, not there either.  So +1 on this request since obviously I'd love the customer to be able to do it themselves, but even if they cannot I can assume an identity and do it for them.


  • Lionell Spooner


  • Jessica Peck

    Yes please!  This was just requested by one of our end users and will be a must to be able to better track their outstanding tickets especially when their queues get really large.

  • Hector David

    @FogBugz @cogworksbitbucket @appshipchat

  • Tara

    Agreed, was very disappointed to see this wasnt an option. apparently this has been requested often. 

    @Zendesk Moderator - can you at least let us know if this is on the plan???

  • Pascale Bou Moussa

    @Zendesk Moderator - No feedback on this feature request?

  • Nicole - Community Manager

    There are no updates on this request at this time. 

    That being said, what is most helpful and influential for Product Managers is to share detailed use cases - why you need this functionality, and how you would use it. I encourage you all to share those details, and to use the voting buttons on the original post. 

  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey everyone! Just jumping in to add to Nicole's comment. We have a post with some tips for giving really helpful feedback; I'd definitely encourage all of you to check it out, and come back to expand on your use cases! 

    If you'd prefer a TL;DR of that post, here are some questions you can answer that will help our Product Managers understand the problem you're trying to solve.

    • What is the problem?
    • Why is it a problem?
    • How do you solve the problem today?
    • How would you ideally solve the problem?
    • How big is the problem (business impact, frequency of impact, who is impacted)

    You can edit your existing comment if you've made one, or you can add a brand new comment - either way is fine. We look forward to learning more about your use cases!

  • Jodie Macariola

    I have another customer asking for this today.

    What is the problem? The customer wants to know the total number of tickets for their organization over the past couple of years in order to see the increase in tickets as they have brought more locations onto the software we support for them.

    Why is it a problem? My customer cannot retrieve this information themselves.

    How do you solve the problem today? I am not sure. Since Views do not include archived tickets, I will likely need to download all tickets and then filter to the customer's organization. Or I will look for a report.

    How would you ideally solve the problem?  The customer would have the ability to download their tickets from the organization list in the portal.

    How big is the problem? It impacts our larger customers who are the ones who typically make these types of requests and would get the most value from this information.

  • Hillary Latham
    • What is the problem? Customers cannot export their list of tickets (mostly they'd like currently open or recently solved).
    • Why is it a problem?  They need a list they can review and distribute easily in a meeting.  All the folks involved with a ticket may not necessarily have Zendesk access.  A simple list makes reviewing open and recently solved issues at a high level meeting simple.  A list also can be customized for quickly added notes before and during the meeting (rather than having to open each ticket up to take notes).
    • How do you solve the problem today? Someone either manually re-creates the lists of issues, takes a screenshot, or asks an agent to download the list.
    • How would you ideally solve the problem?  Allow an end user to export any list of issues from the Zendesk portal.
    • How big is the problem (business impact, frequency of impact, who is impacted).  This impacts customers who have at least 10+ issues going on at any one time or during a major project.  The frequency can be weekly during an ongoing project.
  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for the detailed feedback, Hilary & Jodie. 

  • Quinton Myers

    Hi All,

    Late to the party, but wanted to add that my org could use this feature as well. Our client success team could leverage this to make sure our clients are well informed and have the functionality to get the data they need.



  • John Pollick

    Big +1 for this for this feature.

    • What is the problem?: Clients cannot generate reports on their own support items  
    • Why is it a problem?: One of our largest clients wants us to move to a different product that has this feature. About 1/2 of our clients have also requested this. Our client that have coordinating departments & need to communicate support tik statuses regularly cannot do so freely. We have the extra task of generating reports any time we are asked
    • How do you solve the problem today?: I (an Admin) use Advanced Search to generate reports for clients as needed. Clients require fields available through Advanced Search. The output requires me to reformat each time I create a report 
    • How would you ideally solve the problem?: Add feature that allows clients to generate Advanced-type, pre-formatted reports
    • How big is the problem (business impact, frequency of impact, who is impacted): Huge impact. Not just an extra task on our side, but clients are recommending we move away from Zendesk so that they can have this feature
  • Don Wood

    Agree with John Pollock. We are several large clients demanding this feature. They two are pushing us to use a different tool so they can have this feature.

  • Donna Dowie

    We've had numerous requests from our end users for this as well.

    • What is the problem? There is an online list of tickets for user, or organization, available online. End users cannot report on this easily, and cannot export to excel or other software to report.
    • Why is it a problem? Our customers could have a large number of tickets open and would like to be able to report to their upper management on our productivity and their outstanding issues.
    • How do you solve the problem today? We create a report in Insights, mail automatically on a daily basis to an agent, and have them forward to the user who requested. This is extra work for agents who could be solving tickets. And insights doesn't update in real time so the statistics are out of date as soon as they arrive.
    • How would you ideally solve the problem? A button in the "my requests" page to allow export to csv, as you can in Insights.
    • How big is the problem (business impact, frequency of impact, who is impacted). We have around 30-40 automated reports each week. This around 40% of our customer base. I suspect if we asked, the demand would be higher, but as we don't have the option for ad hoc reports, we've not highlighted this as an option to our end users.
  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thank you very much for the detailed response, Donna. 

  • Kristen Saldanha

    We are experiencing the same challenge as Donna and would greatly benefit from this feature especially as we scale.


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