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  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator

    I am not sure when this appeared, but I have found a way of listing suspended end users.

    • Go to Admin>Manage>People.
    • On the right hand pane, there is a 'Bulk Management' widget. Select 'bulk end user delete'.
    • A list of users is shown and includes a sortable column headed 'suspended'.
    • Click the suspended column header until suspended users appear at the top.



  • Paul Isom

    I support this feature request.


    I think it's pretty important as currently there is no way for agents/administrators to find out when a user is suspended other than by chance of finding the user in the list of 'people'. We have close to over 2000 end users in our system we cannot manage suspended accounts this way. The only other way we can find out is when a customer calls us to complain their support issues aren't being responded too.

    I think it would be ideal if there was a way for triggers to be set up to sent notifications of when a user is suspended.

    We had an issue yesterday where an end-user was suspended that was critical to our day to day support of our customers and it was only once we saw a suspended ticket view that we found out that they had been marked as spam and the user suspended.



  • Corrin Duque

    +1 to this feature request as well as just about every comment.  This is a definite user management requirement.  We have no way of ensuring the users we intended to suspend are indeed suspended (and that those that should not be were not suspended).  Other than hunting and pecking by looking in settings>people>organizations it is not easy to tell.  I understand the need to have users that are suspended disappear from Customer Lists but it would be great if they were available to be seen in reports (via Good Data or Bime Analytics) or some other export.  

    I had a ticket opened where I received some excellent help looking into possible solutions to our need to pull a list of suspended users.  While a mass JSON export will show the value "true" if suspended that is not a feasible means to look.  

    We really need a way to pull a list.  Would so much appreciate this feature as it is key for user management.  

  • Zac

    Regarding the original request to have a list of suspended users: it's not a view or "list" per se, but the Suspended property is now searchable. Take a look here:

  • Melinda Stanley

    Not only would I love to be able to view a list of suspended users in bulk, I would also like the ability to mass-edit those users so they can be appended to 'unsuspended'. That way if there are multiple users who need to be modified (for example, internal email testing with multiple accounts) it is easy to do so.

  • Dean Campbell


    We got caught on this as well, internal end-users were being suspended for no good reason and it caused chaos

    Agents are now trained to look for the Suspended icon, but it is asking a lot of them

    A View or Report would be much better

  • Chet Farmer

    It's absurd that this isn't in the tool. I mean, holy crap! 

    If Zendesk is going to suspend users on its own, we need to have a way to review that list EASILY that shows why each user was suspended. There must be transparency here, and it must be easy to audit and review. COME ON.

  • Leigh A

    Any updates on this request? We'd also have use for the suggested features.

  • Florian Lackerbauer

    we'd also Review suspended users on a weekly Basis just be sure that nobody of our consumers fall under the cracks...

    Is gooddata able to Report on suspended users ?

  • Henry Dillon

    +1 to being able to review suspended users.

    I'd also add that there should be a way of tracking the use of the Mark as Spam feature. Giving agents the ability to delete a ticket without any trace is very worrying. I agree with spam tickets being taken out of workflow, but deletion creates a potential fraud loop hole.

  • Shahrooz Kohan

    By accident we set a bunch of users as suspended through the API. Now we are unable to identify which are suspended or not. Is there any way to do this?

  • Punnu Kaur

    +1 We would like this feature. Some agents have marked few tickets as suspended and due to which we lost some important emails. I had go to go through Audit to find a user that was suspended in May!

    So yes this tool is very much wanted. Looking forward to this zendesk.

  • Ken Shampo

    We really need this feature as well.  We are trying to sync data between our systems, and it is becoming very difficult when there are many aspects between them that we cannot compare.

  • Eric Chon

    +1 from me as well.

  • Todd Ramsburg

    +1 This is absolutely needed.

  • Mauricio Oliveira

    +1 to this.


    I have Salesforce controlling my user base and it should be the main system getting updates on Contacts data, including activation/suspension to Zendesk. However, sometimes our agents get creative and suspend them in Zendesk directly, so data gets inconsistent between the two systems.

    I have a bunch of scripts that run periodically and I wanted to created a new one that gets the list of suspended users in Zendesk and updates their records in Salesforce for data consistency. But apparently there is no way to get this list through the REST API other than getting the whole list of users and filtering them afterwards, which is a costly operation for periodic scripts.

    Having a way to already obtain that list through an API call would be great.

  • Emily Jarvis


    Would love to have this feature too, we used to have it in the old Web version
  • Pat Prince

    +1 - we need some solution to this and it's surprising that this isn't available already, not even through the Search API

  • Elemica

    We would like this feature as well.

  • Corrin Duque


    Sure!  Unfortunately a full JSON export is the only way I was able to obtain a full list of users where I could hunt and peck through the haystack to find the "suspended":true value.  

    Note that the JSON export is a full ticket export so if the user was never a ticket requester I don't believe they will appear anywhere on the file.

    Another method I tried to use as a work around for digging is the Ticket Exporter app as Suspended is a value available here.  The problem is that this app is intended for Ticket Export (not user lists) and so will only function to export an existing view and will not function to export archived tickets (I believe tickets are archived at 120 days).  So, for example, if I create a view of an organization's tickets it will only export tickets hence if a user either never created a ticket or didn't create a ticket within the last 30 days it will not pull the data.  

    From what we came up with the API or a full JSON export are the only means for seeing Suspended at this point.  

    Again a plea to Zendesk to please add this functionality!  We truly need to be able to add "Suspended" as a reportable value so we can properly manage both our active and suspended user lists.

  • Chris Nicholson-Doyle

    This would be a great feature.
    We recently had a user suspended by accident and this meant that a series of key emails were no longer being actioned. If we could quickly list the suspended users then the supervisors could do a regular check \ check there first if a similar issue occurs. We don't have the ability to dev using the API for this.

  • Zac

    Want to +1 this feature. As we manage onboarding and offboarding, we use Insights to manage lists of agents. Custom Fields import relevant data to Insights, such as whether they are a Light Agent or whether they are Suspended. We occasionally search Zendesk Support with an advanced search to make sure the field values in agent profiles match their actual role, such as using the following search string:

    • role:"Light Agent" -tags:light_agent (to find users who are Light Agents that don't have the Light Agent tag from the checkbox)

    We are able to follow this process for most field values, but there is no way to check centrally for Suspended agents so we can check a list of offboarded users against an Insights report so we can confirm all have been Suspended.

  • Edwin Yeoh

    Yay! Another feature requested in 2013 that has gone unanswered.


    +1 for this please.

  • Brad Rhodes

    ++ Tony

    I apologize if I'm being an arrogant POS here, but if I can write something to do this in an afternoon or two of Powershell, surely someone can knock it out at Zendesk somewhere in the course of 4 years?

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    I know this may not help everyone, but the audit log does give details of user suspensions.

    This is available on the Enterprise plan.

    But as you say, there is no notification for these changes other than look into the audit log from time to time or search as Zac suggested.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi all - 

    A quick update here, I've received word from the product team that a number of the issue of the suspended user list will be addressed by some new admin features that will be rolling out in 2020. 

    We don't have ETAs or specifics we can share at this point, but please know the feedback you have shared here has influenced the roadmap. We'll continue to share updates here as they are available. 

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    If you are looking for a quick way to list suspended users, in Support, use the following search:



  • Harriet Klymchuk

    +1; I can see this is marked as Planned which is great news, but do we have an idea of timeline for this feature?  Tracking agent seats and licence usage is far more fiddly than it should be, and Explore doesn't have sufficient reporting capability to make up the difference. 

    While this information is available via add-ons or pulling via the API, the UI in Admin > People > Agents could be better to help with this.  At the moment, to track agent usage, we're pulling results from the API at intervals but this isn't sustainable for a centre of our size (250+ licences, 300 agents including light agents).

    • Jump to page: currently to get to the most recent agents, you have to click through 20+ pages (when you’re over 300 agents). Should be an option to “go to page”. 
    • Suspended user filter: Finding suspended users to recover licences means going through 20+ pages and looking out for the note by them; there should be a drop-down option to filter by suspended agents.  
    • Chat users filter: There’s a dropdown option to search for Talk users; please can we get this for Chat now that “Chat only” users take seats? For context, we don’t expect to have Light Agents with Chat access, but sometimes this happens by accident, and it becomes difficult to find where the seat is being used. 
  • Artur


  • Michael Wojtaszek

    Agreed, this would be a very useful tool.



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