The art of not saying "No"

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  • Cheryl Wetherington
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    Excellent advice!

  • Bob Charpentier
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    I realize this post is a year old, but it's new to me so here goes...

    I'm curious about how other companies (including Zendesk) handle saying "no" to customers. In particular, how do others handle saying no to feature requests?

    Like most companies, we get a lot of suggestions from our user. And while we do place a great value on these suggestions, it's simply not possible to develop every single feature suggested - or for that matter, even a fraction of the ideas suggested. So the difficult balancing act is how to encourage users to give this sort of feedback without leading them to believe that their suggestions will be implemented. In some cases, users have come back to us months after making a suggestion to ask how we're doing with implementing their idea. How do you let them know that their beloved idea will not be implement?

    Anyone out there with advice or great stories, please chime in.


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