Time Tracking and Good Data Reporting

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  • Billy Macken

    Hi Ken,

    In order to see time entered for a particular time frame, I would recommend looking at this article with a few Time Tracking Recipes:


    The third metric, Avg Time Spent per Update, is what I would recommend using. This metric can be sliced by Date (Event) and can be filtered to look at specific ranges.

    Once the report has been set up, you can also include a drill-in value for Ticket Id in the Time Tracking metric, so you can narrow in on specific tickets.

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  • Kahl Orr

    Hi there,

    I am looking to achieve the same thing as Ken. William, your answer is insufficient and does not provide a solution.

    The only data that the time tracking app allows us to make use of is "Total time spent":

    Note that this is not attached to a date as Ken explained. This value also represents time spent over multiple periods in time.

    The time tracking app itself does include individual time entries.. They're just not available to us in reports. May these time log entries please be made available to us in GoodData?

    To further clarify, the value circled in red is available to us, but none of the individual entries listed below:

    This makes reporting on time entries logged in a given period impossible.

    We need the full time log entry data (date, agent and time) available to properly report on this:




  • Billy Macken

    Hi Kahl,

    I would definitely recommend reviewing the article I linked in my earlier response - the third metric, Åverage Time Spent per Update does sound like what you're after in this situation. 

    You can slice this metric/the report in the HOW tab by Updater to see individual agents that submitted time tracking updates, and you can also slice the report in the HOW tab by Ticket Updates to break the report down even further and return each individual time tracking submission in tickets. This should allow you to essentially recreate the full time log in your reports.

    One thing to be aware of whenever using the Updater attribute, though, is that end-users are also updaters. I might recommend including a filter for Updater Role is Agent & Admin on this report as well.

    I hope this helps! Happy reporting!


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