See our top 10 list of apps and tell us: what's your favorite app!?

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  • Seth Wylie

    Super handy, thank you Jennifer!

  • Diane Albert

    I use Answer Suggestion a LOT....i mean TONS.  It places a nice markdown link (which I can never remember how to do) into my response and many times I will craft my response so that the link is part of the sentence.

    Five Most Recent is my next in line because we have people who submit media files - and there should only be one or two.  If I click on a ticket and see that their 5 most recent ticket slots are full, and they are all the same subject, then I need to be on the phone with that customer to do impromptu training.

    I didn't know about Notification I installed that today, but I need to go see how to configure this so that only my full agents, not my light agents can get a broadcast message.  I don't mind creating that group, but I need to be careful that it doesn't get used for ticket creation - only for this messaging.  NEAT FEATURE though, because one of my full agents does NOT have corporate email or instant messaging, so now we'll have a little more contact with her.


  • Darwin Vasquez

    Thanks for sharing this useful list, Jenn! 

  • Mary Goodman

    What is your favorite app? - Page23 - App - Xiaomi MIUI Official Forum

    I have many apps on my phone, for work, social media, games ... But, I think, slotstory is the best for for me just because it's a pretty simple game and I can play anytime and everywhere. Just need an internet conection.


  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Hey Mary - 

    I think Jennifer was hoping to hear what your favorite Zendesk app is. 

  • Eckhard Doll

    Tag Locker would be mine from an administrative point of view.

    Regarding Show Releated Tickets: it would be great to have a bit more flexibility and filters. Show only tickets of a specific ticket status for instance would help a lot if the overall ticket volume is rather big.


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