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  • Rowan Grant

    I completely agree.  How has this not been addressed?  Surely forwarding a ticket to an external email is not a major addition??

    Please address this concern asap

  • David Hott

    I just found this out, and our previous system allowed outside forwarding of cases without adding them as a user to the help-desk system, or doing any convoluted rules, macros, triggers, email address's in advance, etc.

    We are just going on Zendesk and didn't even think to see if this was possible, it seems like a complete no brainier!

  • Jan Homolka

    Hi, has this been resolved yet?

    I'm searching for this functionality for a long time, it's so stupid it's not there yet!

    I have so many cases where all I want to do is just press a button, type in an e-mail address to forward the e-mail to someone else (non-agent) but keep the conversation thread with requester untouched.

  • Thomas Elliot

    Even better would be having the ability to reply to a particular comment and have that reply only include the conversation history of that comment itself. That way you can have a conversation with a third party that doesn't have any of the details of your conversation occurring with the requester. 

  • Martin Vad Jespersen

    I would like to know an answer for this also.,

  • Sebastiaan Wijchers
    Community Moderator

    I'd like the functionality to forward as well. Sometimes an email needs to be send to another department (or other third party), who don't have any Zendesk agents.

    Changing the requester opens up all kind of problems, like the original requester sending a reply and adding himself back to the ticket, resulting in conversations ending up at all the wrong places.

    Basically non of the options here are any good:

  • Matic Pipan

    Well, I've made a work-around.


    You are able to define a group, which can be used as a trigger condition to FW ticket to external mail target and everything is packed into a macro.


    Workflow in Zendesk is as follows...

    1. Define an email target - Admin > Settings > Extentions > Add target > Email target

    I'm using requester email holder in the subject since the requester email is not forwarded automatically in the original ticket body.


    2. Define an empty group - Admin > Manage > People > Group > [enter group name] > Create group

    I cerated a group "FW_projects", which is used only as a value change of a ticket so trigger is fired off, when a ticket is assigned to this group.


    3. Setup trigger - Admin > Business Rules > Triggers > Add Trigger

    Now you want to name the trigger the same way as group and mail target - not mandatory, but it's nice to know what trigger does and since this is a workaround I try to follow a sort of naming continuance.


    So the trigger gets fired off, when a ticket is assigned to a group named "FW_projects"



    Select NOTIFY TARGET from the 1st drop down, and then the mail target you defined in the 1st step.

    For the Action body I wrote an email that will be send by the trigger. Since the mail will be sent from zendesk (and not from original requester), the requester mail is lost, so you must include specific placeholders.

    You can see at the bottom of the mail, I'm adding two placeholders

    FROM: {{}} <-- requester mail
    {{ticket.description}} <-- ticket body that is forwarded in the mail.


    4. Setup macro - Admin > Manage > Macros > Add macro

    Following the example for forwarding mail to project team, I've created FW_projects macro....

    The most important macro action is to reassign ticket to specific group - in this case group "FW_projects" I've created in 2nd step.

    I also add a tag to the ticket, and set status to Pending. Reason for this is so I know which of the tickets were forwarded to other people and to who. When that person replies, I just add their answer to the ticket and close it. Alternately if they reply to the mail directly, will produce new ticket in the system, at which point you can merge it with the original one.

    And voila, you can now forward any ticket by using you very own macro.


    Recap of entire process:

    1. create empty group - it's used only as a value holder, when macro changes the ticket group
    2. create email target - target email where you want to send your ticket
    3. setup trigger - fires off when a change in ticket group is detected
    4. setup macro - macro that changes ticket group





  • Aaron Wasserman

    @ Zendesk - Do you have any idea when you'll have a solution on this? The above workaround is way too time consuming (though very much appreciated Matic Pipan)

  • Ilse

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one struggling with this problem! Please invent a way to fix this. It would be much appreciated!

  • Tamina

    My team is also seriously in need of this feature.

  • Rox

    I agreed.  Can someone from Zendesk please respond to this thread or provide us an update?


  • Jose Gonzales

    This is a problem! How can a fundamental email function be forgotten. I am already baffled that ZenDesk has to utilize triggers to send anything! 

    We absolutely need the functionality of being able to send an email to another part of the company or to a third party. Sometimes people contact customer service trying to get in touch with our distribution manager. He has no need for ZenDesk and uses a third-party email provider. It is imperative that we are able to forward the client leads to him that we receive. Baffled forwarding is not a function! It's unacceptable and so important, I would not have purchased ZenDesk knowing this function was not available. =(

  • Hege Moen

    We need this function. We made an app ourselves that workd ok, but with the new framework it doesn't anymore.
    Please add a forward-function in Zendesk, this is critical to working with emails.

  • Rox

    Does anyone know how we could make this idea to be added as an enhancement request?  It doesn't seem like our suggestions in the community are taken seriously?


  • Sebastiaan Wijchers
    Community Moderator

    Maybe you can share your use case here:

    Seems Zendesk is gathering information about our needs to manage multiple 'threads' of communication within one ticket. I'll share our use cases there soon.

  • Elyssa Kolber

    it looks like zendesk is monitoring the forwarding issue, or at least responding, on this article:

    I suggest commenting there asking for the forward function, so all requests/complaints are in a single location


  • Chris


    We are the 15 may 2018. Near 2 years after the first request from this topic....

    We also faced to this super basic problem which no one can understand how can this be possible that Zendesk not propose a very simple forward button.

    We have to forward daily a bunch of emails to external partners. However, Zendesk not propose this basic function except the solution with 4 steps proposed here up.

    Like all other frustrated users, I will kindly as Zendesk to think to their clients and try to propose as quickly possible this minimum feature for such system.

    (It will be great if you mention on your website comparison of plans, that simple forward email is not supported. Lots of potential clients will then think two times before purchasing Zendesk).

    15 may 2018 ---> we will see when the update is coming. But if I see how it goes... we can wait 2 years more.

  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Chris, 

    Thanks for your feedback. To clarify, longevity of a request is not a primary data point that we use in prioritizing product development. We tend to look more at things like how business-critical a functionality is, how common the use case is, how many customers it impacts, whether there are existing workarounds or tools to serve the need, etc. 

    I can't speak to why this particular functionality hasn't been prioritized to date, other than to say that this thread has a relatively low number of comments and votes, so it may be that we just haven't heard the need from a significant number of customers yet. But, it's possible that there are other reasons as well. 

    I encourage everyone to continue up voting the original post and sharing your detailed use-cases, which is the most helpful information for product managers. Thanks for your participation!

  • Elyssa Kolber

    Hi Nicole-

    There are a bunch of comments here, and then 2 pages also on the Tech support OP:
    there is also

    there are also more community questions like

    Can you please try to have this bumped up the request ladder?  i know when we launched our account, in addition to all of these articles, I talked to my account manager and tech support about this issue since the workarounds caused so much extra agent work without being a perfect solution.

  • Daniel

    I totally agree with the above. This is a simple feature that Freshdesk (whom we have migrated from, but still in trial with Zendesk) have had for years now. I thought that Zendesk was superior to Freshdesk... This seems like a minor fix for Zendesk, but is obviously quite annoying for a lot of people (and now, add us to the list). It takes my agents that little bit longer to perform their tasks (e.g. Ask authority from a manager by forwarding) to finalise tickets. Over the week and month, this adds up to a lot of lost productivity. Please Zendesk, let's make this happen!

  • Angela McMorrow

    I just had a conversation with a Zendesk support agent on chat about this and he just told me that the only way to get answers about this is to post here. But I can see that for two years there has been no resolution to this or answers given about it. 

    I've also been told that there is nobody that this feedback can be escalated to so I guess that they just don't care. It's incredibly disappointing. 

  • Dmitrijs Panfilovs

    We have need for this feature as well. First time I checked for that in April, but still no solution found.

    Workarounds didn't work well in our case, looking forward for solution from Zendesk. 


  • Aaron Wasserman

    @Angela - They do care, but this forum isn't a great way for them to respond--in my experience. The best way to get a response is to open a ticket, which unfortunately only benefits you--which is why forums could be so great! But I don't think they really have the staffing/system to support proper forum support.

    They'll probably see this and chime in now ;)

    Good luck!

  • Angela McMorrow

    I understand. I do love the Zendesk product and the staff have always been wonderful. But when they say that they may not have considered this feature yet because "it may be that we just haven't heard the need from a significant number of customers yet" it's quite disheartening. I wonder what the number is that a request has to hit before it's considered. I've found a few threads on this forum asking for the same feature without being really addressed. It's great to have a platform to give feedback and I understand that they can't make any promises on these things but it'd be nice to know whether feedback or feature requests are being considered so we know it's not falling on deaf ears which is what I felt yesterday. 

  • Heather Rommel
    Community Moderator

    Does the Side Conversations functionality help at all? I haven't used it yet but I think it might satisfy this need.

  • Angela McMorrow

    Thanks for the response Heather! The Side Conversations functionality seems like it may be useful here but I can't see how to add this function to Zendesk.

    I've read through a couple of articles including this one: 

    And this one:

    Where it states: 

    "From Ticket Settings, scroll down to the Collaboration section and then do one of the following:

    1. Select the Enable ticket Side Conversations checkbox to turn side conversations on.
    2. Clear the Enable ticket Side Conversations checkbox to turn side conversations off."

    But when I go to "Ticket Settings" there is no Collaboration section. How do I get access to this? 

  • Angela McMorrow

    Ah I found the answer. This is an add on that you need to pay for.

  • Olivier Pascal Netatmo

    Fully Agree with all of you

    How can a fundamental email function be forgotten????? Every tool that is dedicated to customer tickets proposes this functionality.

    Zendesk no, How can it be possible.

    Do not understand

  • Kevin Tran

    Has anyone gotten @Matic Pipan's solution to work with forwarding internal notes?

  • Developer

    I believe it works if you set up a target then use that target in a trigger... Targets are found in extensions under settings...


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