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  • Billy Macken
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    Hey Jo! Thanks for writing in.

    It's possible to filter your reports by a specific tag value, but if the tag was added by a custom field value, it's almost always simpler to report on the custom field than it is to report on the tag.

    If reporting on a custom field value is an option, I'm going to include a link to our article on Reporting on custom fields in Insights: 

    If the field is a single-line text field or dropdown field, for example, you can report on and filter by the field value as an attribute.

    If this isn't an option, I'm also going to include a link to our article on Reporting on tags in Insights:

    That article explains why tag reporting works the way it does within Insights, and at the bottom of the article (just above the comments section) are a number of links to more specific guides on how to set up different tag reports. Based on your request, I would recommend the link to the article "Reporting on tickets with one or more tags".

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.


    William Macken


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