Receiving Help Center notifications as tickets

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  • Carsten Falborg
    Community Moderator

    Hi Jennifer

    I haven't testet this, but perhaps you can do something with the email parser from - Then you would essentially do the same as you do know, but you would be sending the emails from the forum to a "robot" that picks apart the email and creates tickets in your Zendesk. As i wrote i haven't tested this, so i am not sure if this would work, but that is where i would start...

  • Ondřej Gazda

    Hello Jennifer, can do all of this for you and if you won't have hundreds of new posts/replies per month, a free account will do the work :) 

    Creating an automation is really simple, it's just drag&drop, it will look like this:

    You will setup trigger for watching new forum posts and when a new forum post will be created, Integromat will create a ticket in your Zendesk for you directly. Same goes for post replies. No need to use emails.

    Setting up an integration is really simple, look like this:

    We can help you with creating it, let us know at if you will need any assistance.


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