IVR Welcome Message repeat option

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  • Sebastiaan Wijchers
    Community Moderator

    I'd like this behaviour as well. Exactly the same use case.

  • Jérôme Mormiche

    Hi, Same behaviour as well and when it's linked to an IVR, it can become very long for the end-user. We currently have one number that plays an almost 1 min message (acceptable) which turns in a more than 3 min wait before reaching a CSR ! 

    Please add the functionnality asap.


  • Heimen van Duinkerken

    I agree! We need that.

  • Ryan Vaught

    Yes this would help a lot. three times isn't practical for front level IVR grettings. We want to use default as a roll over, if none of the options work, and don't want to make them listen 3 times.

  • Jordan Cousins

    I find it very odd that there isn't an option to have just an 'Announcement' (greeting) played to the caller, without the need to press a button to progress.

    This is a pretty standard thing in my experience, and as the comments above confirm, we need an option to have a recording played once, either through a limiter field to set the amount of times the recording plays before moving to the next step, or by default to play a single time before moving on to the next step.


    For example; I want to set a welcome message, that then moves to a message explaining the call will be recorded, then moves to being connected to the agent.

    There is no need for the caller to press any buttons in this simple flow, but the way Talk is using the IVR is to force the caller to press a button to move past the welcome message step. It's clunky and annoying.

  • Nick Misewicz

    I find it odd that there is no way to modify the amount of times the main greeting repeats.  This is very important for us to be able to control.  If we have a longer main greeting, then the customer may have to wait up to 3-4 minutes to just get connected to someone. 


    I know we can set up another active route and include a "press X to get help directly" but that does not help us being able to control the customer environment and experience. 

  • Oliver Tietze

    Here's me +1



    There is another annoyance: We have a "Welcome" message. But now, switching to IVR, it is not played. So we have to include it in the IVR menu greeting. But then it's 3 times repeated before a caller gets automatically put through to the queue.

    Please make IVR menu repeats configurable, so that the missing welcome message can be handled creatively.

    And/or allow to precede the menu by a greeting (which is never repeated).


  • Hannes Edström

    +1 Here as well.

    When i checked our % of completed calls, almost half of the abandoned calls are during IVR. Just not acceptable.

  • Sara Vandermolen

    I would like to add my agreement that adding this functionality (to remove or configure the repeats) would resolve a current pain point for us. Like the others, our use case is that we would like to have a main greeting (in which we give the IVR options) play once and then route the call into the queue. Having the message repeat adds unnecessary confusion and delay to the process.

  • Mathias Hoffmann


    As others have already pointed out, it feels very clunky to force the caller to press a button instead of just holding the line in order to be routed to the default queue.

    Can we please get an indication if this is something you are considering implementing? I see that David posted his feedback almost two years ago now...

  • Larry Click



    Need this also.

  • Peoplesafe

    No updates on this one no? 


  • Pete N.

    We have the same problem as well.  Not having a separate main greeting prior to the IVR message makes the overall message too long to have to repeat 3 times.  

  • Ryan McSherry

    We have run into the issue of getting "Abandoned Call" tickets generated even though all of our support agents were online and available for calls. Usually, the length of these calls is under 12 seconds, so being able to have it automatically route to our support line after a single IVR play-through would be very helpful.

  • Kristófer Júlíus Leifsson

    I'm starting to have serious doubts about Zendesk as a platform. There are too many basic and obvious use cases that have not been implemented after years of customers asking for those features.

  • Brettany Rhodes


    We are having the same problem as well. Would like the option to reduce the number of time the greeting is repeated.


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