"403 Forbidden zendesk API user_fields"


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  • Jan Šimek

    It says:

      "error": {
        "title": "Forbidden",
        "message": "You do not have access to this page. Please contact the account owner of this help desk for further help."

    What can I do to open acces as account Owner?

  • Skip Moore
    Zendesk Team Member

    Due to your Plan level you don't have access to User or Organization fields which is why you are getting a 403 

  • Mageni Security

    Hi Skip: Which Plan has access to those fields?

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk Team Member

    Hi Mageni! Welcome to the Community!

    Custom User and Organization fields are available on the Team plan and up. 

  • Mark Hinson

    Does a 403 error also occur if an API POST /api/v2/users/create_many.json call is used to import multiple users on a Trial Account?

    thanks, Mark

  • Bryan - Community Manager
    Zendesk Developer Support Team

    Yes, that's true Mark. Trial accounts are limited by default when it comes to this functionality.


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