Updated changes to default branding and customising the bot

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  • Hemlata Mansukhani

    I can see that the bot has captured my Brand and logo already, do i still need to give this script to the developers? or is there anything different with this script?


    Thank you 

  • Mariliam

    Mike where exactly do I need to add this script? The video does not explain it :( 

  • Sean Gaulin

    Cool! Thanks for adding this, we're able to name the bot after our mascot/logo now. @Mariliam this goes in your page code above the code for the widget itself. Generally in the <Head> section.

  • Michael Laughlin

    Are there plans to let us do more customization in the future? Such as adjusting parameters for when he Chat/Leave a Message option pops up?

  • Joe

    I notice in the example script for this that the title contains the name/value pair of "en-US" & "Support". Does this mean we can input multiple language/translation pairs? Will it detect what language Help Center the widget is on and swap out the appropriate translation value? For example, can I edit my code to look like this:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    window.zESettings = {
            webWidget: {
              answerBot: {
                avatar: {
                  url: 'https://link-to-some-image',
                  name: {
                    "*" : 'Zendesk'
                title:  {
                  "en-US": "Support",
                  "es": "Ayuda",
                  "fr": "Secours"

    Hi Joe


    Yes you can! We did this and it works fine.

  • Amie Barder

    Which logo should the avatar be automatically inheriting? I'm still seeing the default blue face with eyes.

  • Madison Davis
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Amie, I spoke with your Sales rep, who said you were going to try the code listed out first. Did that work for you?

  • Amie Barder

    Yes, it did work when manually adding the code. It seems that the logo being inherited is the one uploaded to the multi-brand space, so if you don't have multi-brand enabled (which we don't), that won't happen automatically.


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