Date ticket field: [is NOT within the next]


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  • Jessie Schutz

    Hi Niels!

    This is a really interesting use case. What kind of custom field are you using, and how are you populating it? Once I know what you're currently doing I might be able to think of another way to work around this.

  • Dan Cooper

    Hi Niels,

    I think you could accomplish something like this in Insights today.  You could create a metric that looks at tickets so many days out based on your date bucket requirements.  There is an example of a metric like that that one of our other moderators Graeme wrote a few years back that may get you close. Adding a drill in could allow you to see the individual ticket IDs for each of those buckets if you needed to do a deep dive. 

    It's not as simple as a view to work with, but it can be very powerful for keeping an eye out on the distant future. 

  • Niels

    Hi Jessie & Daniel,


    Thanks for your useful comments!

    I currently have a custom date field called [departure date], it's populated from the API. This is the date the trip is departing. Suppose we sell a trip today, that is departing in 2020, it will need no prioritization. 

    But if I sell a trip today for Q1 2019, it needs rapid follow up. 

    I need my ResAgents to have views based on this [departure date] so that they know which tickets to handle first. 

    I currently use a view that shows trips departing:

    • After [date], AND
    • Before [date]

    Ideally, I would have a more dynamic way of making views:

    Trips departing:

    • [not within the next 360 days]

    for example.

  • Dan Cooper

    Hi Niels, 

    You could make a view that helps you with seeing those most pressing departure dates today.  You could try using the Group by option on a view in order to group by the [departure date] field.  You don't get to fully control how it divides up the groups, but it should give you the option to have those that are most recent towards the top for a review by your team.  This may not be the general view they work from, but it could be a way for you to provide insight into those tickets that need that extra attention.  Especially if the status is New.

    If you maintain the same ticket for the extended period of time, it may be worth using something like Myndbend Process Manager or Linkets to help split the ticket into multiple tickets for different activities in that customers trip.  This could help you gain more flexibility in building views that support specific legs in your reservation planning process. This would be a big change to workflow and reporting, but there can be some value in dividing tasks up.  For example, you could put a second ticket in an on hold status and set an automation to re-open it before a set date.  This could allow you to hide tickets that don't need action until later.  If you pair this with the new Essentials card, the guest interaction history could show you all of the various activities going on with a user account so you can stay aware of that customer's trip. 

    However, as someone that also works in a place where reservation planning is important, I can totally see the benefit of what you are proposing with allowing more flexible date options.  I'd love to see this as well (and am unvoting your recommendation).  Hopefully, the tips provided can help you fill in the holes while we wait and see if your proposal gets added to Support. 

  • Niels

    Hi Daniel,

    Many thanks for your extensive reply. Very useful comment and an interesting way to re-think the workflow of our tickets. Currently, we have an automation that re-opens certain tickets 70 days before [departure date] if we still need some customer info.

    The "group by" option could work, however, it would probably create groups for every 1 date, as we have many trips departing on any given day. Given the restriction of 30 tickets per page, I'm not sure if this would be any help. The volume of our tickets is quite a hiccup here. 

    We have installed Lovely Views and have created more views categorizing tickets by departure by Year-Quarter. So that solves it for now - however a "dynamic" way of using the custom [date] field, including a "not within XXX days of today" would be the ultimate goal in the long run.


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