Add option to NOT create tickets from outbound Talk call


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  • Caroline Kello
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Hey Rob,

    This is an interesting one! Few thoughts come to mind as I'd like to understand your use case for this a little bit better:

    • What's the nature of the outbound calls, are they to partners or customers or something else entirely? 
    • How do you track outbound calls currently?
    • How does your agents take notes regarding the outbound call they made, or do they not need to? 

    Thanks for reaching out, Caroline

  • Jeramie Mullis


    I'd like to second this feature request - the use case for my team is that we make outbound calls to customers and/or partners as part of our troubleshooting efforts. We track the outbound calls by having the agents document them as an internal note in the current ticket, so creating another new ticket for the call is redundant. 

    The options I see in the immediate term are:

    1. Merge each outbound call ticket into the current ticket (This clutters the ticket notes in the cases where multiple outbound calls are being made to track down answers)

    2. Manually delete each ticket (This is tedious and doesn't scale)

    3. Create a trigger that collects the outbound call tickets into a view and delete them periodically in bulk (This is likely what I'll do while the option to not create outbound call tickets is unavailable) 


    Any thoughts on having this option added?

  • Robert Cullen

    I am working a ticket - calling a partner or the customer and Zendesk creates a new ticket!  I need the call info and recording in the ticket  I am working.    What switch do I need to turn on to make  this work?

  • PatrikM

    Robert Cullen

    if you use the "Call" button above the public reply box in a ticket, and then choose "Enter new number", it often (but not always) registers the call within the same ticket.


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