Any App that will replace Quickie for free?

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  • Eckhard Doll

    Good question! How about Zendesk improving the views options without a 3rd party app needed?

  • Matthew CHALLENGER

    Agreed. Should be available out of the box. Limited # of Visible views is somewhat ridiculous for a paid product.

  • Adnan Naveed NAFFCO

    THis feature should be free from Zendesk.


  • Dotdigital EMEA Limited

    Agreed, this feature should be free and out of the box with Zendesk. It's a bit of a shock it's not :-(

  • Michael Laughlin

    Adding my support to this, as I agree that the number of views isn't even customizable, and seems to be set at an arbitrary number.


    Having said that, seems like no one is able to find any free alternatives?

  • Amelia Gratta

    Can anyone tell me exactly what it'll be like once Quickie goes away? There's space for 14 views on the left (not including personal views) and what will happen to the view overflow? Does Quickie going away mean that we'll just have to use the "more" navigation to get to other views?

    It does seem pretty absurd that this isn't out of the box, but alas.

  • Michael Laughlin

    Amelia, to my knowledge it will indeed be that. You will see the first 12 (not including suspended/deleted, as they are always at the end regardless of view order/quantity), then have to click "More>>" which will take you to the view page, then having to click the view you want. That's what we had to do before we found Quickie.

  • Dylan Cunniffe

    +1 to this being a native feature

  • Meryl G.

    +1 as well.

  • Gabriel Granger

    +1 also. Would like to see an update on this. 


  • Bart

    This is a must. Finding a view for quick playthroughs is now a chore. Really need to get this natively in Zendesk asap. 

  • Laura

    Our access to Quickie was removed today. Would like to see Zendesk provide quicker access to views. Clicking through multiple menus to get to one view is unnecessarily complicated.

  • The Jacket Maker

    This feature is a must and should be free from Zendesk. Or at least, the view more button's functionality should be changed. It should unfold the list of hidden views instead of navigating us to the all views page.

  • Kurt Pinoy -

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