View Condition "Ticket:Agent in Group". Is there something like that?


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  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Hey Sebastien,

    Can you clarify which tickets you'd like to display in this view? 

    Are you attempting to show tickets that are assigned to a group or are you attempting to show tickets that have a certain requester?

    Any additional information you can provide is greatly appreciated.


  • sebastian
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    Hello Brett,

    It's a bit complicated. The View is named "All unsolved tickets from support" while it excludes some things. Would be best to describe you the current setup:

    All conditions:
    Ticket status smaller than waiting
    Integration accounts arent twitter or facebook

    Any of these conditions:
    Ticket:agent is a number of agents named personally
    Ticket:group is a number of groups

    It's said pretty fast and easy that way, in reality it's a big list of groups and names.

    Ideal would be the existence of such conditions like
    ticket group is in group1, group2 or group3
    ticket agent is in group 4

    that way I could save multiple group is entries and als could put all users that should be mentioned into a group and just reference those agents by ticket agent is in group 4.

    Best regards,

  • Brett - Community Manager
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    Thanks for the clarification Sebastian!

    Unfortunately this functionality doesn't exist within the current trigger conditions available. That being said, I do think this is an interesting idea worth mentioning in our Support Product Feedback Forum. I would recommend cross-posting there as well as copying your use case over which will help provide visibility to both users and our Product Managers.

    Apologies for not being able to provide you with another alternative at this time :-/


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