Customize `Comments` section: rename and remove counts

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  • Sebastiaan Wijchers
    Community Moderator

    Hello Greer,

    When you go to edit code and open up article_page.hbs, you'll find something like this from line 135:

    <h3 class="comment-heading">
    {{t 'comments'}}
    <p class="comment-callout">{{t 'comments_count' count=article.comment_count}}</p>

    Then you can replace {{t 'comments'}} by "How to improve this article?" and remove this line:

    <p class="comment-callout">{{t 'comments_count' count=article.comment_count}}</p>

    You probably want to get rid of "Be the first to write a comment." too. Go somewhere around line 223 and remove this:

    <p class="comment-callout">{{comment_callout}}</p>

    With kind regards,


  • Greer Davis

    Thanks so much for the response! I was on the right track with the where but I was leaving the {{t bit and putting the change where the word comments is now.

    And thanks for the suggestion about "Be the first to write a comment". Removed as well!


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