Fully Support ALL Field Types Available in Explore.

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  • Jeremy Holmes

    We are having a similar issue and our field type is decimal. We were fully able to use this field in all of our insights reporting and it is not even showing in Explore. 

  • Dan Reyes-Cairo

    Yes, this would be extremely valuable for us!

    Our ticket reporting is categorized by product areas for our software application however we're limited to only a single category per ticket via dropdown.

    As much as we would love customers to individually report each of their issues, this is not feasible so we're left to categorize each ticket by "most relevant" or "most important" product area. 😭

    Tagging is not ideal as it requires that agents essentially memorize product areas, or reference an external source of truth for the current options. Supporting multi-select would allow us to report effectively all of the areas of impact a customer ticket may represent while simplifying the reporting mechanism for agents.


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