Multi-select in user profiles & organizations

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  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator

    100% agree.  I'd love multi-select User and Organization fields. This would be great for Salesforce sync for tokenized fields.  

  • Pedro Rodrigues

    Thanks, Dan! Organizations had slipped my mind, just added 👍

  • Samantha Chavez

    I would love to have a multi-select option for Organization fields. 

    Use Case:
    Some of the organizations we have are agency's that work for/with our customers. Because an agency can work with multiple customers and vice versa, for agency type orgs, we would like the ability to select multiple customers they work with for reporting and tracking purposes.

  • Sara Stephenson

    Agree.  Use Case:  Organizations/users that have multiple attributes. 

  • Jenny Ray

    +lots of votes. Use case: Vendor management.  Contractor end users can perform different services and companies work within multiple markets.  Currently, market data is stored at the end user level but having the ability to store market locations at the organization level provides a high level snapshot of where each client operates.

  • Suporte Sofit

    Muito mais do que útil seleção selecionada em organizações. Caso de uso: há integrações que nossos clientes usam, e caso houvesse ou campo poderíamos selecionar todas as integrações ativas em sua base.

  • Mikhail Appak

    I need multi-select field at the Org level to identify the products our customers use.

  • Richard Dawson

    In our case the Organization is much more important than the Requester and having the ability for multi-select at the organization level enables us to add comments and other automation via Triggers when tickets are generated. This will eliminate repetitive Ticket Field population as the info we want to drive while different for each organization it would be the same on each ticket for that specific Organization. Some of our sequesters are customers and vendors of our customers so we can't rely on the End User's account for consistency.

    As it is now every ticket we create we have to look up this data and manually input.

  • Bill Cicchetti

    Agreed!  Using the multi-select will help reduce the number of check box fields we need to capture the information we need on a user or org level

  • Dewald Harmse

    Is there perhaps any update on this? We have multi-select lists in Salesforce which would make it a lot easier to sync to organzations in Zendesk if Zendesk also has Mulit-select lists. I know mulit-select is on ticket level, but would be great to have this option on organization level also.


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