Reporting on Agent Out of Office in Explore


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  • Hillary Latham
    Community Moderator

    We made a report that shows ticket count as the metric with the "Agent out?" row attribute.  It shows who is currently out.

    The counts are completely unreliable.  The problem for us is that the agent_ooo tag is added to a ticket when someone marks themselves as out, but if another agent takes over that ticket during the absence, the tag is not auto removed (the app doesn't seem to account for others taking over tickets).  So there are a bunch of agent_ooo tags on tickets where the agent on that ticket is not out.

    Here's what our query looks like.


  • Colleen Hughes

    Thanks, Hillary! This was a great jumping off point, I ended up building the following query which is giving us an accurate snapshot of how many people are currently out of the office, and then when we drillthrough, we can find the specific agent names: 


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