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  • Graeme Carmichael
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    I do not believe you can email queries. But when scheduling dashboards, you should have the option for various file formats.

  • Elise Doherty
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    Thanks for raising this.

    I am also very surprised to see you cannot email a single query. This is a basic feature of Insights that will be very much missed. A dashboard simply isn't doing the job for us - it is unreadable with long tables and just adding noise to the list of dashboards as we need to share different single reports with different teams/people on a weekly and monthly basis. I really hope this will considered as part of the roadmap for Explore!


  • James Freeman
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    Agreed Elise, due to this limitation we are now having to pay for an extra 3 licenses to allow access to the required information outside of a dashboard. Frustrating really as this is a 25% increase in our license count I believe.


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